Monday, August 14, 2006

Gaborone, Botswana: Happy birthday Sunita

Tried skyping but it was a bust. So I’ve resorted to the blog to wish my daughter a happy birthday and by the time you get this, it’ll be your birth time. Have a happy day.

The group of Inuit students came to the centre today for a presentation from Cynthia on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in Botswana. She works for an organization that deal with legal and health matters related to HIV/AIDS, matters such as the rights of employees living with it, rights of gay and lesbian communities, the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS though the prison population and the need to address some of the legislative issues. That was some of what I heard. Reynold and Ann also came for lunch and a tour so I showed them around and then everyone had lunch. It was a good day for selling rolls, lunch and soft drinks. The sales today were more than triple what we do on an average day.

When lunch was over for the Inuit students, Mme. Gilika gave a little talk about the centre and some of the students talked about their training. I was so proud of them, They were very shy when I asked them to talk but they did very well. Listening to their stories almost made me want to cry. One student talked about her family. Her mother and father are both uneducated and see no value in education. Her siblings are also uneducated and unemployed. She talked about failing Form V and coming to Sedibeng to find that she is loved and cared for by the staff. She said that this is the first time in her life that she’s had anyone care about her and she doesn’t want to leave but she knows she has to and she’s ready to go out and find work. Another student said she is an orphan and has no one to take care of her or to make sure she is okay until she came to the centre. Good thing I’m tough otherwise I’d be bawling my head off.

This afternoon we discussed distribution of a marketing letter I prepared. We are going to deliver them to businesses in the area because I’m sure that many people don’t know that we offer great lunches and catering.

We also discussed a floral arranging course modelled on a continuing education delivery where fee paying people can take a short course of about 8-10 hours on making their own arrangements. We’ll try it because people seem to be interested in it. I checked out our website and it looks great. We still have a few adjustments but it’s fluid so things will change often until we get it looking the way we want it.

I went to the market to buy some chicken and chips. I brought it home and left it on the counter while I went outside to pick up my laundry and yes you guessed it. The dogs ate my dinner so it was granola and milk for dinner. Is that like “the dog ate my homework” only worse. Anyone want to send me a virtual dinner? What the heck. It’s only dinner and granola is good once in a while for supper. Who am I kidding? Have you ever tried eating that Muesli stuff? It takes so long to chew that you’d probably use twice as many calories as is in the bowl of cereal. I could cook something but …. Tomorrow.

1. August 15th, 2006 by Robin Sukhan
You could cook something or go to a restaurant for supper but I suppose you wanted to be home. Sounds like the speeches were quite emotional. I have two more sleeps before I leave for my trip there. Take care.

2. August 15th, 2006 by Pat Mohr
Okay, my dear . . . close your eyes. I have just handed you one of the most delicious samosas you’ll every taste . . . mmmmmmmm . . . chock full of spicy potatoes, peas, peppers . . . and the most heavenly spices. Did you know that the crust is tenderly made with flour and butter? Thought you’d enjoy it! Bye now . . . Love, Pat

3. August 15th, 2006 by The Coloma's
Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a good day. Mike is in Kelowna for his annual tournament, so we celebrated last week with Sharm, Trent, Sahana and about 12 others. It was fun.Keep blogging, it’s great a great way to keep on top of what you’re doing.
Miss you,Love Sunita, Mike and Izabel.

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