Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 21-22, 2008: Mandawa
Castle Mandawa (Rating: Excellent)
Everything about the Castle and staff was outstanding.  From the moment we entered the facility, we were offered a cool drink and a wet facecloth.  The staff were warm and friendly every step of the way. The upgraded splendour of our rooms was indeed a pleasant surprise after the Connaught.  The staff was helpful and friendly without being intrusive.  Dinner (not included) was a spread fit for a king’s feast and the entertainment was a nice bonus.  Same with breakfast (included). The staff was again attentive without hovering and the selection of breakfast food was good. Whatever they are doing, they are doing it right.
The guide: Mahboo (Rating: Excellent)
The guide was friendly and courteous.  He explained the history of Mandawa and our walk through town was very informative.  He did not appear to be rushed or in a hurry and answered all our questions in a knowledgeable way.  Given our first experience with intense desert heat, he was willing to wait for us or cut short the tour when we were no longer able to tolerate the heat.   The guide was sincere, humble and attentive. 

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