Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 22-23, 2008: Bikaner
Heritage Resort Rating: Very good
Overall, the facility and staff was good.  The rooms were good as were the dining facilities.  The dining staff were accommodating and the variety at breakfast although not as lavish as Castle Mandawa, was good. The Ayuevedic massage was a welcome treat after 5 days in Delhi’s heat.  
Guide: (don’t remember his name) Rating: Good
This guide, although knowledgeable about the history of Bikaner, seemed intent on letting us know through one means or another that his Brahmin status was usurped by the opportunities of the untouchables of Bikaner and India in general.  His little rant about the injustices he as a Brahmin now has to face with the outlaw of the caste system was unnecessary.  His knowledge of the fort was good and he did explain about the paintings and the maharajah’s presence at the fort.  He told us to walk around part of the time on our own but not knowing the history, it was just a walk to look at some of the architecture.  Other groups in the fort had their guides explaining individual carvings and symbols which would have been helpful to us too.

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