Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stunning pictures of Iceland! 
Thank goodness for a decent camera.  This place is amazing.  IT makes me think of walking on the moon.  Well, I never walked on the moon but this is what I imagine it would look like.  There is a kind of stark and barren beauty.  Cold mind you, for August, but beautiful, nevertheless. 



Volcanic stone walls



Friday, August 28, 2009

Reykjavik, Iceland Half Marathon walk
The amazing Blue Lagoon and yes it really does look like an opaque blue and I got to swim in it!!  
Amazing Blue Lagoon!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July 7, 2009 _ Sharm and Trent's Anniversary

Happy anniversary to Trent and Sharm. I can't believe that 7 years have passed already! Recalling 7 years ago, it was a cloudy morning in Gimli and I hoped the clouds would go away and the day would turn out well. It was better than good. It was perfect. The clouds rolled away and the sun peeked out just enough to warm up the upper deck of the hotel without scorching everyone. And the clouds stayed around long enough to make for perfect pictures.

Izabel and Sunita are leaving today to go back to Edmonton. It was such a joy to have her (Iz) spend the last two weeks with us. Last night she wanted to sleep with me and also wanted to sleep with her mother but since she did not want to hurt any feelings, she decided to sleep on the hallway floor outside the two bedrooms. How cute is that? I told her she could sleep with her mom.

My Transcanada walk is going well. I've not recorded all my walks for the last two weeks but I updated my map.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My virtual walk across Canada
I started this walk on April 12, 2009 and hope to complete it in one year (give or take). Click on the link to view my progress.

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Okay, another training session started...
but this time it's not a fundraiser so I'm not asking for money. Yeah. You can just read for pleasure and I do hope you bookmark my blog and check it often. I hope you post some comments occasionally.

Sooooo, what to write? I've decided that I need some motivation to keep walking so after having a week's well deserved rest (that meant that I was only walking for about 30-40 minutes a day, I decided that I needed to set some goals for walking. I have in mind the Icelandic (half)marathon in August, the Niverville, MB half marathon at the end of September, the Niagara (half)Marathon, the Bermuda (half)marathon in January, the Greek (half) marathon in July.....

Well, I may not actually do all of them but it would be great to aspire to doing them.

My training so far this week in kms:
June 20 - 10.2k
June 21 - 10k
June 22 - 15k

I am really really hoping for some company so please join me even if it's a virtual trip. We can be walking buddies and this way it keeps me accountable for walking each day. Anyone game for this?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Completed Challenge in record time (for me) and raised $2,620

June 13 - 41,011 (31k) THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. I FINISHED THE 20K WALK PLUS THE EXTRA 1.2K TO COMPLETE THE HALF MARATHON. I DID IT IN 3H 10M WHICH WAS A GREAT TIME FOR ME! I hoped to do the walk in about 3h 30m so I am happy with this time. My dad was not having a good day today so he missed the finish but he visited later and thanked me for the walk.

If any of you have some good fundraising ideas for next year, I'd be delighted to hear them. Better yet, come and join me and don't let distances stop you if you don't live in Winnipeg. You can walk in your city or come here and walk with me. How's that for an offer you can't refuse? I expect to be bombarded with emails saying that you will join me.

THANKS AGAIN. Until next year. All my love.

These are my grandbabies that I was walking for too. If I keep myself healthy and active, I'm sure that I will have many more years with them.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Challenge for Life route map

This is the course map that I will be using. I've plotted it out and added the extra 1.2km to complete a half marathon. See you on Saturday.

If you can't make it to cheer me on, post a comment of encouragement. That'll make me feel that I didn't walk alone.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Challenge for Life: Some more comments

Paul Syms wrote: I’m truly blessed to have a friend like you for the past 40 plus years. Those of us who are fortunate to have known you for a long time know that you have not changed from the person we knew in high school. You are a true inspiration and I know you have made a major difference in the lives of many people. Cancer has affected our lives and I know what you have been going through since your Dad was diagnosed. Raising awareness and funds for finding a cure should always be a priority for everyone. This weekend Mani will be in town and the guys are getting together at Joe’s place on Sunday, we will be thinking about you and cheering you on. All the very best.

RMB wrote: "It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle". Richard M. DeVos. I hope this story and this journey of yours, will forever live so that your grandchildren and others will see how wonderful a person you are. You give your mom, family, and especially your dad, motivation and desire to conquer even the greatest of odds. Your support for your dad, inspire others and you motivate even the hearts of those who never got a chance to meet such a wonderful person (in you), to never give up. I have known you most of my life, and your desire to conquer and win were and still are, your true signature in life. Take stock in that desire, strength, commitment, and that winning attitude, for it is hearts like yours who can bring beauty to those needing it. Good luck and will be stepping along with you as you make your journey to the finish line. Avoir une grande marche.

Sophie and Darwin wrote: We didn't forget about your challenge - just wanted to make a donation a little closer to the big day just in case the donations started to peter off and you needed a little motivation. Looks like you've more than accomplished your monetary goal, and you're well on your way to achieving your training/walking goal. Our thoughts are with you on Saturday as you take on this challenge for all of us. Best of luck, and here's hoping for a sunny, breezy day!

Rudy Gafur wrote: Dear Savitree: AS June 13, approaches, I write to let you know that I will be thinking of you, praying for you and hoping that the Walk will be a resounding success. Good luck dear friend, and God's blessings.

Janet Madramootoo wrote: Hi Savitri: You are such an inspiration. Thank you for encouraging me to walk. I have been walking diligently everyday and I've lost a couple of dress sizes already! I will be thinking of you next Saturday. Hope the weather is great and you have a wonderful walk. Please give my love to your parents and the rest of your family.

Pat Mohr wrote: Sandra, I'm so proud of you. Your motivation and dedication are such an inspiration. Since it's raining today, I'll be walking on my treadmill. Not nearly as peaceful and enjoyable as the outdoors, but the end result is the same. The respect and love you show to your parents is also heartwarming. I pray for freedom from pain for your Dad. I'll most certainly be thinking of you on the 13th -- it's Gord's and my wedding anniversary. Blessings be upon you! Love, Pat

Jim Ferguson wrote: Dear Sandra: Your involvement in CancerCare’s Challenge for Life is by itself an inspiration for all of us. It has also encouraged me to keep walking, led me to discover a beautiful new place to walk, and has made it possible for me to re-establish a friendship. Que peut-on dire à son amie? Rien que: Merci!

Beatrice Dwarkaprasad wrote: Sav: I'm proud to let the world that I've known you for almost 45 years. Oops, I just let the world know our age. Girl, thanks for your beautiful email and I am very happy to donate for such a good cause. I feel your pain dearly as I have experience with my sister. Being friends for so long, we shared a lot of personal family stories for many years and as I am typing this message, I can see your Dad smiling as always and making funny jokes and your mom always supportive. Thanks to God, your husband, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters not to forgot your friends who are supporting you at this time. I've always known you to be a leader, and always admire you for your achievements. I'll be there with you in spirit the day of your walk and like Robin, I'll make sure you're being rewarded. I'll have a talk with Robin-(laugh). Hi Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister & kids and Grands: LOVE you all. Sav is a "ROCK" . I think about her all the time and try to follow her footsteps as we all need to take care of our health and to enjoy our old age. LOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE

Sahana and Sabreena wrote: Go NANI! We hope to be at the finish line!

Sabena Ali wrote: Hey sis, well the days are getting longer and your big challenge is getting closer. I'm going to be with you in spirit and wish you well in your endeavours. I feel your pain on those days when the weather just won't co-operate. I'm beginning to think we'll go right into fall again without so much as a summer's day to warm us through. We leave for Toronto on Thursday so I won't even be home to do a virtual walk with you. However, I want you to know that your efforts are truly appreciated by all of us, especially Dad and Mom and we're all so VERY proud of you. All the best and use the Gehwol Footcream (the one in the grey and red tube), it'll prevent blisters. I know, because I've been using it and it really does work. Good luck and God Bless.XOXOXOXO

Wes and Gail Hazlitt wrote: Sandra you are an Inspiration. Thank you for touching our Life. I too had a father who was ravaged with Cancer and Gail's mother is battling with it again. Sometimes it makes a person feel helpless and sometimes it gives one the strength to make a difference. Your actions have already changed the lives of many and no one will know the difference you have made to their outcome. You are an inspiration to your family, your friends and so many others. I salute you. Have a great walk on Saturday. It will be the finest day of this year.

Sowany family wrote: Thinking of you, Bayney family!

Izabel and Ronin wrote: We are so proud of you, love Izabel and Ronin!

Barb Remple wrote: so proud to have met you.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Challenge for Life-Winnipeg

 People who donated but didn't leave comments

To all of you - Many THANKS!
  • Mike & Lucia Stuhldreier
  • Kristen Long
  • Dood Bayney
  • Anonymous
  • Mike Link
  • Samantha Sukhan
  • Sara Patteson
  • Judith Snell
  • Moira Asaph
  • Doris Mallinson
  • Shaun Ali
  • Nan Chowbay

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dreaming - Bermuda 1/2 marathon some day

I am hoping to do this half marathon one day soon and I don't mean a virtual one. So if I save up my pennies and keep walking, I may be able to do it sooner rather than later. It would certainly be a scenic route and a nice winter break!

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Challenge for Life: 564.03kms so far !!
My progress for May - 364.95k+ 199.08k from April
  • May 1 - 16,500 (12.5k) - mostly outdoors& trampoline
  • May 2 - 6,800 (5.1k) - forgot to wear my ped. for part of the day
  • May 3 - 15,000 (11.3k) - mostly outdoors; Spring is almost here
  • May 4 - 7,600 (5.75k) - walked with Judith; too tired the rest of the day; beautiful day
  • May 5 - 13,200 (10K) + 17k bike ride and actually pedalled all the way; no coasting; another great day to walk with Judith
  • May 6 - 18,321 (13.8) - walked downtown, Stevenson Training Centre and neighbourhood; Happy B/D Robin; cold again which is testing my resolve; this would be a good time to send me a motivational message
  • May 7 - 15,229 (11.5k) - mostly corridors and trampoline; very cold!!
  • May 8 - 11, 340 (8.5k) - still darned (not the word I want to use) cold!! Reached my goal of $2,000 through your generosity; THANK YOU to everyone of you!!! Still hoping the go beyond that before my walk date.
  • May 9 - did not put on my pedometer today; sore muscles so physical & mental break; got a massage; told not to overdo it; ME? Overdo it? Don't know the meaning.... right... went to IMAX with Sahana to see Secrets of Greece; I have to do a 1/2 marathon there sometime; anyone want to join me?
  • May 10 - 29,417 (22.2k) - Happy Mother's day to all mothers and to those fathers who are like mothers; starting my long walk weekends now; changing training strategy to build endurance; a little over 4 weeks to go
  • May 11 - 14,479 (10.9k) - tried resurrecting my race walking techniques and I can sure feel it!!
  • May 12 - 20,220 (15.3k) - lots of walking around the college and neighbourhood;
  • May 13 - 8,995 (6.8k) - very cold and raining all day; this is too crazy even for Winnipeg; walked/jogged for a mile on the treadmill and DID NOT like it; will stick to walking on an incline when I want to get cardio; glad you're walking Janet; for those of you who don't know, Janet and I were friends since kindergarten;
  • May 14 - 20,099 (15.2k) - outside and lots of stairs at the college;
  • May 15 - 6,801 (5.1k) - no walking outside; still darned cold
  • May 16 - 15,550 (11.7k) around Portage Place and my neighbourhood
  • May 17 - 26,469 (20.5k) - Walked on the Fort Whyte trails with Jim and Robin; first time to discover this trail and it was lovely
  • May 18 - 11,450 (8.6k) - did some hill runs (okay so it was more like a high speed bump) but it was 80 steps to the top and I did that several times); getting ready for ravine training in Edmonton; happy 6th birthday to my Izabel Anjali
  • May 19 - 19,770 (14.9k) - cemetery and some more hill training; well deserved massage today; tight hamstrings from the hill training; told to stretch them some more or I will injure myself; off to Edmonton tomorrow; looking forward to those REAL hills with a stroller and two kids in it;
  • May 20 - 8,860 (6.7k) - some walking downtown and at the airport
  • May 21 - 20,500 (15.5k) - up and down the ravine twice - once with Izabel in the stroller; now that was hard! I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow but for now, I can still walk
  • May 22 - 17,780 (13.4k) - most of this was done at the ravine in Edmonton. I can't believe that I went uphill with one 25lb baby in a stroller and then went up hill in the other direction with two children weighing a total of about 65lbs. By the time I got to the top of the last hill, I thought my lungs were going to explode and my legs would not take me any further but I made it home; tomorrow I am going to teach Izabel to ride her bike so I'll be putting on some steps there too
  • May 23 - 17,640 (13.3k) - ran up and down the road teaching Izabel to ride her bike; went back to the ravine for another punishing walk but this time I went with Subhadra and instead of walking on the paved path we decided to challenge a steep walking path which looked almost vertical; we did it!!!
  • May 24 - 13,420 (10.1k) - went out early with Izabel and she can now ride her bike!! Yeah Izabel. Went to the ravine with Sunita and we did the same thing only this time the path was an even steeper one which I did not see yesterday; I did that too but next time I will wear better runners b/c the treads on these are almost worn out from walking; need to break in a new pair within the next 3 weeks.
  • May 25 - 8,000 (6k) - took a break today; going to bed really early
  • May 26 - (14,500 (10.9k) - walked with Judith at Brookside; walked with Sahana and Sabreena
  • May 27 - 19,760 (14.9k) - walked at Brookside with Jim; walked in the evening too
  • May 28 - 14,500 (10.9k) - forgot to wear my pedometer but walked so I am guestimating the distance compared to what I usually do
You can check my progress and see that I have met my goal of $2,000!! Thank you to everyone who contributed and are still sending me motivational messages.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Motivational comments

Some motivational comments that have been posted so far for my Challenge Walk

Joan and Mike Saxton wrote: The one in pursuit of anything must undergo difficulties and hardships until the object in view is attained and the great success is obtained. -Abdu'l-Baha

Brent Kurz wrote: I just got back from a 45 minute walk and feel good. I haven't been walking much in the past 12 months for a variety of reasons and just started getting back into my routine again, particularly in the past week. I just finished reading your log, and I will be going to back to it for my motivation to keep going. Your dedication and perseverance is inspiring. (By the way, when do you sleep?)

Sabena Ali wrote: I should've been in Edmonton with you this weekend, but, other stuff got in the way. I know that ravine well!! I did it with Sunita on the long weekend and I truly know how you feel. Two boot camp workouts last week and over 13,000 steps today, and the day isn't done yet. Great weather here, so it's time to get the garden planted and the lawn repaired from Oreo. Lots still to do, but I know you're doing so much more, and I commend you. After the soreness of a 11K walk, I honestly don't know how you manage to do 15-18K's per day. Like you, I don't like running, but maybe I'll add biking to my excursions. I havent ridden in 13 years, ever since Oreo joined our finally, so it's time try it again. Had a little taste of it today and I forgot just how much I like riding.

Janet Madramootoo wrote: Hi Savitri: Keep up the good work! You have inspired me to start walking. Please say hello to your Mom, Dad and the rest of your family for me. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Love always

chris cavanagh wrote: Sandra, i send love and warmth to you and your father and mother. Your words above remind me of my friend dian marino who lived with cancer for many years and outlived a diagnosis of terminal bone cancer by many years. She wrote about living with cancer and insisted that "living with" was a much better disposition all around than "fighting". She remains an inspiration to me though i have missed her deeply for a long while now. It is a great sorrow to have to witness the suffering of those we love dearly - but there can yet be gifts within such times - gifts of connection and attention. As Martin Buber wrote: "This fragile life between birth and death can nevertheless be a fulfillment - if it is a dialogue. In our life and experience we are addressed; by thought and speech and action, by producing and by influencing we are able to answer. For the most part we do not listen to the address, or we break into it with chatter. But if the word comes to us and the answer proceeds from us then human life exists, though brokenly, in the world. The kindling of the response, which occurs time and again, to the unexpectedly approaching speech, we term responsibility. We practice responsibility for that realm of life allotted and entrusted to us for which we are able to respond, that is, for which we have a relation of deeds which may count - in all our inadequcy - as a proper response."
Beatrice Dwarkaprasad wrote: Sav, Happy Mother's Day. I'm so proud of your accomplishments. You are very inspirational as always. Very encouraging to me at least. I need this right now. I hope you write a book of your experience. Say hello to Dad and all around you. Way to go Girl!!!!!!! I think you went to Cummings Lodge High School Eh. Keep up the good works.
Alireza wrote: Hi Sandra, I just came back from Iran yesterday and now I see that so many beautiful events happened when I was absent ;) As I know you, you are able to do everything at every time. Go Sandraa, Go!
Rudy Gafur wrote: Savitree, My heart is with you for your courage, determination and your unwavering spirit. Your strength of character and God's guidance will prevail, and you will overcome your doubts and diffidence; you will complete the journey on which you are embarking. You are not one to give up. We all falter at times, but you have what it takes to get up and continue your project. You have the greatest motivation that a person can have, i.e. the love of a child for a parent. You have stood by your father like the rock of Gibraltar, and God will see you through this. Remember, many people are behind you and are praying for your success. Be strong, be brave and have faith. Good luck and God's blessings.
Pat Mohr wrote: Sandra, way to go !!! I had forgotten how much I enjoy your journalling (and your wonderful sense of humour). It must be so aggravating to have to train in such cold weather; however, I think it's better for you than the heat of, say, July!! "With God, all things are possible." You and He make good partners! Bless you . . . and go for it! Give my very best to your Dad and Mom.
Simmone wrote: My family and i will be praying for you to make it to the end of the marathon all the best you can do it
EHMB wrote: You are one of a kind. Your parents, friends and families should be, and I am sure they all are, very proud of you. Mr. & Mrs. Bayney, our prayers are with you and your family.
Sabena Ali wrote: I'm not going to give you a kick in the pants, you're doing more than enough. However, more money in the donation pool is actually a better reason to keep going, right? I got three more people to donate which will certainly improve your total and I hope you know that your effort is not wasted, indeed, your waist is benefitting greatly from the tremendous effort! Tomorrow, when I'm at my 5:30AM boot camp, I'll be thinking of you and cursing every moment I'm there, but never regretting my pledge to you. Keep on trucking, running, riding, walking, etc., etc. Looks like it'll still be raining tomorrow, too, so it's cold and wet, but I'm going to my camp because I know you'll post your days' total and I'd be really embarrassed if I didn't do my part.
Karran wrote: Went running the other day with the intentions of doing 3 miles, stopped to look at the water running through the culvert, got bored of running and walked back home. I am not taking that route again. Some days I forget why I am running, is it to keep in shape, so that my cloths will continue to fit me or exercise the dogs. Running down a country dirt road with two dogs in tow is my daily excitement. (yahooooo). Maybe I will drive my car or ride the horse there and back.
Sahana and Sabreena wrote: Thanks for the email Nani, and for posting pics of us. We are happy to be one of your reasons for walking! xoxo

Janet Madramootoo wrote: "When we are up against the wall, God is there with open arms." - David McCasland "God knows each winding way I take And every sorrow, pain, and ache; His children He will not forsake - He knows and loves His own" - Bosch You are doing great. Keep up the good work! Love always,

Sabena Ali wrote: So, instead of doing 10,000 steps, I cleaned my entire basement, does that count? And in case you're wondering, it took me from 7:30PM to almost 2:30AM to finish that task. HUGE mess after the renovations we just completed, so I think you'll forgive me for not making the effort tonight. Besides, who wants to walk when it's -2C? For God's sake, it's supposed to be spring, right?
Sandra wrote: The idea is not to die trying but LIVE and try!
Sabena Ali wrote: Just want you to know that tonight, inspite of the recent snow we had during the day, and tempting as it was to just cozy up to my quilt, I got off the couch and did an hour on the treadmill. Not as many steps as you're doing, but making the effort. I'm really taking your advice to heart, 30 minutes or die trying! :)

Sabena Ali wrote: Okay, this is nothing to your effort, but I just want you to know that I'll be doing the same, or at the very least, trying to do 10,000 steps/day. I'm going to get my pedometer out of mothball and make it count this time. One very important benefit, of course, is I just might lose a bit of myself!! LOL Love ya, LOTS

Robin Sukhan wrote: I will make sure that you do your training including getting enough rest, cheer you on from the Start and Finish Line and give you a foot massage when you are done as requested. I will also make sure that the Jacuzzi is ready so you can relax before supper that will be on me. Even though you do not need my encouragement, I will be there when you need me.

Rudy Gafur wrote: Sav, since I have known you, I have been impressed by your indomitable spirit, your fortitude and your absolute devotion to your family, and in particular your parents. All of us whose lives have been touched by you are better for knowing you. May Providence watch over you and all your loved ones.
Sharmila and Trent wrote: I am making this donation on behalf of your granbabies, Sahana and Sabreena XOXO
Isabel and Ken wrote: Having read your page, it is absolutely no wonder that you have such a wonderful daughter. Sam is taking after you. She has become very dear to us and we also know the incredible love she has for her grandfather. All the best - Isabelle&Ken
William and Shanti Seepaul wrote: I am grateful to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause. Good luck.
Janet Madramootoo wrote: You are a very courageous person and a source of great inspiration to me. Love, Janet
Robert Bhagwandin wrote: You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face". ~Eleanor Roosevelt
Jim Ferguson wrote: We are blessed to live in a world where students so often surpass their teachers.
Sabena Ali wrote: If there's one person that needs no words of encouragement to motivate them it's you!! I'm blessed to have you as my sister and as with everything else you do, you'll also tackle this challenge with zest and verve. How fortunate for CancerCare.
Pat Mohr wrote: Way to go, Sandra!! Good to hear your Dad is still well and handling the cancer. All the best,
Gene Semchych wrote: Good God!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Challenge for Life walk: My progress so far - 199.08k

This was taken from the Challenge for Life website.

Apr 12 - 10,200 steps (7.72kms)
Apr 13 - 10,250 (7.76k)
APr 14 - 11,000 (8.3k)
Apr 15 - 10,760 (8.1k)
Apr 16 - 12,760 (9.6K)
Apr 17 - 16,500 (12.5K)
Apr 18 - 13,560 (10.2K) - treadmill, trampoline
Apr 19 - 14,769 (11.1k) - treadmill, tampoline, RRC corridors
Apr 20 - 15,054 (11.4k)- inc. treadmill & lots of laps around the interior corridors of RRC.
We went to the oncologist today. The tumour behind my dad's ear has grown significantly and another area has broken the surface of the skin. He is now on pain meds 24/7 but the good news is, it's controling the pain. We are running out of options but may have one last dose of radiation that he might be able to tolerate. After 35 treatments, the area will not be able to accept more. The Dr recommended that he use a walker or a cane but he definitely refused the walker. I bought him a cane several years ago in Egypt. It has a great design but was a bit too long. I thought he could use it as a good addition to his wardrobe since I remember as a child in Guyana that older men used it for effect (or to chase away ferocious dogs!) It was perhaps fortuitous that he is now going to have to use it out of necessity. Next time you see him, make sure you tell him how distinguished he looks with it. And it is really elegant!
Apr 21 - 14,044 (10.6k) - treadmill, corridors & Brookside cemetery which was eerily quiet but very pretty with flowers, albeit plastic.
Apr 22 - 15,600 (11.8k) - corridors and outdoors (still dusty but fresh prairie air)
Apr 23 - 13,269 (10k) - Did I mention that today it was COLD prairie air? I turned back half way and then thought about why I was doing this and continued the walk but I had an ear ache at the end. This is when I need one of those motivational messages.
Apr 24 - 6,000 (4.5) - Shin splits so taking a break. Cold. Brrrr.
Apr 25 - 19,269 (14.6) - treadmill, Osborne Village and Legislative grounds; nice sort of river walk. Still cold.
Apr 26 - 16,479 (12.4k) - Shin splints on treadmill, have to walk outdoors in the cold.
Apr 27 - 15,769 (11.9k) - shin splints but did the walk anyway. Is spring going to happen soon?
Apr 28 - 15,200 (11.5) - Brookside Cemetery; 1st bike ride with a wobbly saddle - very uncomfortable on the behind :((); came home and adjusted it after 5kms (which I should have done BEFORE I started the ride).
Apr 29 - 16,579 (12.5k) - walk in the rain with a winter hat and gloves; please let winter be over soon. Thanks to all for your continued encouraging words. It makes me know that you are checking for my updates.
Apr 30 - 16,706 (12.6k) walk - neighbourhood & treadmill

Check my progress @

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Raising Awareness for Cancer

I will act as if what I do makes a difference. (William James)

In February 2006, on my dad's 75th birthday, he was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. For those of you who don't know, my father's name is Dood and he was COOL long before the word "dude" was used to signify someone who is cool.

The cancer was called Cancer of the Lacrimal sac. That's the area of the eye lid where the tear ducts drain into the nasal area. He was told that he would lose his eye because the cancer was already at a Stage 4. He had the surgery and lost his eye in June 2006. After 30 treatments of radiation in September 2006, he went back to the doctors in December 2006 to get a somewhat clean bill of health and what he heard instead was that the cancer had returned and it was in his lymph nodes.

He had another set of surgery in January 2007 and was getting ready for a second bout of radiation in March 2007 when the doctors told him that the cancer had returned in his eye area and it was now terminal. He was given 6-12 months.
In that time, my parents decided to travel while they still could so I accompanied them to Guyana in May 007. Later that year they went to England. Last year April we went to India and they made several additional short trips to the US. In February 2009, they went to Florida for a month.

All of this seems like a lot of detail but what I am trying to say is that after we got the terminal diagnosis, my dad asked me why him and having no answer to give, I said "Dad you can wait to die from cancer or you can live with cancer. How you do that will be up to you." Throughout the whole ordeal he maintained a positive attitude, sometimes frustrating the rest of us because we thought he was living in denial but I later came to realize that it was his way of coping with such trauma.

As of today, my dad has outlived that terminal diagnosis by 12-18 months and that is partly from will power and support from family and friends who have made it a point to email, call, write and visit throughout this difficult time.

I am now asking each of you to make a contribution to cancer research in the hope that a cure will be found and others won't have to go through what many of us have had to.

So, I’m taking the Challenge – CancerCare’s Challenge for Life! By participating in this “Made-in-Manitoba” event, I have committed to help reduce my own risk of cancer by taking steps to improve my overall health. I am also committing to raise at least $2000 to support CancerCare’s work on behalf of all Manitobans.

I would love to have you join me in the Challenge – either by registering to walk or supporting me with a donation. Whether you donate or not, I would like to ask you to start walking for 30 minutes each day for your own health. I hope that my 20k walk will make me continue to focus on my own health.

I am so committed to finishing this walk that I will be tracking my weekly progress in steps taken per day (1320 steps = 1 km). Be sure to check my progress and give me a pet talk if I am slacking off. The website is: