Monday, June 01, 2009

Challenge for Life: 564.03kms so far !!
My progress for May - 364.95k+ 199.08k from April
  • May 1 - 16,500 (12.5k) - mostly outdoors& trampoline
  • May 2 - 6,800 (5.1k) - forgot to wear my ped. for part of the day
  • May 3 - 15,000 (11.3k) - mostly outdoors; Spring is almost here
  • May 4 - 7,600 (5.75k) - walked with Judith; too tired the rest of the day; beautiful day
  • May 5 - 13,200 (10K) + 17k bike ride and actually pedalled all the way; no coasting; another great day to walk with Judith
  • May 6 - 18,321 (13.8) - walked downtown, Stevenson Training Centre and neighbourhood; Happy B/D Robin; cold again which is testing my resolve; this would be a good time to send me a motivational message
  • May 7 - 15,229 (11.5k) - mostly corridors and trampoline; very cold!!
  • May 8 - 11, 340 (8.5k) - still darned (not the word I want to use) cold!! Reached my goal of $2,000 through your generosity; THANK YOU to everyone of you!!! Still hoping the go beyond that before my walk date.
  • May 9 - did not put on my pedometer today; sore muscles so physical & mental break; got a massage; told not to overdo it; ME? Overdo it? Don't know the meaning.... right... went to IMAX with Sahana to see Secrets of Greece; I have to do a 1/2 marathon there sometime; anyone want to join me?
  • May 10 - 29,417 (22.2k) - Happy Mother's day to all mothers and to those fathers who are like mothers; starting my long walk weekends now; changing training strategy to build endurance; a little over 4 weeks to go
  • May 11 - 14,479 (10.9k) - tried resurrecting my race walking techniques and I can sure feel it!!
  • May 12 - 20,220 (15.3k) - lots of walking around the college and neighbourhood;
  • May 13 - 8,995 (6.8k) - very cold and raining all day; this is too crazy even for Winnipeg; walked/jogged for a mile on the treadmill and DID NOT like it; will stick to walking on an incline when I want to get cardio; glad you're walking Janet; for those of you who don't know, Janet and I were friends since kindergarten;
  • May 14 - 20,099 (15.2k) - outside and lots of stairs at the college;
  • May 15 - 6,801 (5.1k) - no walking outside; still darned cold
  • May 16 - 15,550 (11.7k) around Portage Place and my neighbourhood
  • May 17 - 26,469 (20.5k) - Walked on the Fort Whyte trails with Jim and Robin; first time to discover this trail and it was lovely
  • May 18 - 11,450 (8.6k) - did some hill runs (okay so it was more like a high speed bump) but it was 80 steps to the top and I did that several times); getting ready for ravine training in Edmonton; happy 6th birthday to my Izabel Anjali
  • May 19 - 19,770 (14.9k) - cemetery and some more hill training; well deserved massage today; tight hamstrings from the hill training; told to stretch them some more or I will injure myself; off to Edmonton tomorrow; looking forward to those REAL hills with a stroller and two kids in it;
  • May 20 - 8,860 (6.7k) - some walking downtown and at the airport
  • May 21 - 20,500 (15.5k) - up and down the ravine twice - once with Izabel in the stroller; now that was hard! I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow but for now, I can still walk
  • May 22 - 17,780 (13.4k) - most of this was done at the ravine in Edmonton. I can't believe that I went uphill with one 25lb baby in a stroller and then went up hill in the other direction with two children weighing a total of about 65lbs. By the time I got to the top of the last hill, I thought my lungs were going to explode and my legs would not take me any further but I made it home; tomorrow I am going to teach Izabel to ride her bike so I'll be putting on some steps there too
  • May 23 - 17,640 (13.3k) - ran up and down the road teaching Izabel to ride her bike; went back to the ravine for another punishing walk but this time I went with Subhadra and instead of walking on the paved path we decided to challenge a steep walking path which looked almost vertical; we did it!!!
  • May 24 - 13,420 (10.1k) - went out early with Izabel and she can now ride her bike!! Yeah Izabel. Went to the ravine with Sunita and we did the same thing only this time the path was an even steeper one which I did not see yesterday; I did that too but next time I will wear better runners b/c the treads on these are almost worn out from walking; need to break in a new pair within the next 3 weeks.
  • May 25 - 8,000 (6k) - took a break today; going to bed really early
  • May 26 - (14,500 (10.9k) - walked with Judith at Brookside; walked with Sahana and Sabreena
  • May 27 - 19,760 (14.9k) - walked at Brookside with Jim; walked in the evening too
  • May 28 - 14,500 (10.9k) - forgot to wear my pedometer but walked so I am guestimating the distance compared to what I usually do
You can check my progress and see that I have met my goal of $2,000!! Thank you to everyone who contributed and are still sending me motivational messages.

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