Thursday, April 30, 2009

Challenge for Life walk: My progress so far - 199.08k

This was taken from the Challenge for Life website.

Apr 12 - 10,200 steps (7.72kms)
Apr 13 - 10,250 (7.76k)
APr 14 - 11,000 (8.3k)
Apr 15 - 10,760 (8.1k)
Apr 16 - 12,760 (9.6K)
Apr 17 - 16,500 (12.5K)
Apr 18 - 13,560 (10.2K) - treadmill, trampoline
Apr 19 - 14,769 (11.1k) - treadmill, tampoline, RRC corridors
Apr 20 - 15,054 (11.4k)- inc. treadmill & lots of laps around the interior corridors of RRC.
We went to the oncologist today. The tumour behind my dad's ear has grown significantly and another area has broken the surface of the skin. He is now on pain meds 24/7 but the good news is, it's controling the pain. We are running out of options but may have one last dose of radiation that he might be able to tolerate. After 35 treatments, the area will not be able to accept more. The Dr recommended that he use a walker or a cane but he definitely refused the walker. I bought him a cane several years ago in Egypt. It has a great design but was a bit too long. I thought he could use it as a good addition to his wardrobe since I remember as a child in Guyana that older men used it for effect (or to chase away ferocious dogs!) It was perhaps fortuitous that he is now going to have to use it out of necessity. Next time you see him, make sure you tell him how distinguished he looks with it. And it is really elegant!
Apr 21 - 14,044 (10.6k) - treadmill, corridors & Brookside cemetery which was eerily quiet but very pretty with flowers, albeit plastic.
Apr 22 - 15,600 (11.8k) - corridors and outdoors (still dusty but fresh prairie air)
Apr 23 - 13,269 (10k) - Did I mention that today it was COLD prairie air? I turned back half way and then thought about why I was doing this and continued the walk but I had an ear ache at the end. This is when I need one of those motivational messages.
Apr 24 - 6,000 (4.5) - Shin splits so taking a break. Cold. Brrrr.
Apr 25 - 19,269 (14.6) - treadmill, Osborne Village and Legislative grounds; nice sort of river walk. Still cold.
Apr 26 - 16,479 (12.4k) - Shin splints on treadmill, have to walk outdoors in the cold.
Apr 27 - 15,769 (11.9k) - shin splints but did the walk anyway. Is spring going to happen soon?
Apr 28 - 15,200 (11.5) - Brookside Cemetery; 1st bike ride with a wobbly saddle - very uncomfortable on the behind :((); came home and adjusted it after 5kms (which I should have done BEFORE I started the ride).
Apr 29 - 16,579 (12.5k) - walk in the rain with a winter hat and gloves; please let winter be over soon. Thanks to all for your continued encouraging words. It makes me know that you are checking for my updates.
Apr 30 - 16,706 (12.6k) walk - neighbourhood & treadmill

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