Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update on Dad (Dood)
 I called the Grace this morning at about 10:30am and the nurse said that Dad was having some diffciulty breathing last night and he needed oxygen. I went over at about 11:00am and he was sleeping. Apparently he had a very restless night and by 4:00am he insisted that they call me to let me know that he was on oxygen. They had the good sense to tell him that there wasn't really anything I could do for him, especially at that time of day.
I woke him up about 11:20am and he wanted lunch - his dhall and roti. He ate well enough but not the whole amount but every few spoonsful, he would need to take a few deep breaths (still wearing the oxygen tube). He had half of a small avocado and a small bowl of tapioca pudding. I had to feed him because he is not able to navigate the spoon to his mouth very well.
While I was feeding him, he asked if I had a workshop to facilitate yesterday. He was casual as heck but it was totally calcuated as I found out when I said that I did not have one. Then he wanted to know how come I didn't visit. I said that Mom and Sophie visited. That wasn't so satisfctory for him. He asked if I would be returning today but I said that I had to be at work today at 7:30am and won't be leaving till at least 8:00pm.
The Palliative Care people are picking up the bed and wheelchair that they loaned us for Dad's home and Karran and Kelsey will move the regular bed back from the patio into the bedroom.
Mom has been receiving your phone messages but with all the calls she is getting from us checking up on her, she is not able to return all your calls and sometimes she is having the same coversations with different people throughout the day. If you do want to know how she is doing but she has not yet returned your call, you can always send me an email or post a comment when you read this blog entry and it will go to my Hotmail Inbox.
Wishing you a good day...


  1. My Dear Dood,
    Special greetings to my special friend Dood as I'm cruising through the Panama Canal ... thinking of you and knowing how much you loved to travel and how much you enjoyed the people you met along the way.
    I looked forward to the visits in my office as we planned your future travel adventures.It was wonderful to share this excitement with you...and yes..I must say ..I enjoyed your flirting with me too. Everyone in our office learned to spell your name correctly very quickly...a mistake was only made once and no one dared to make it twice.
    You are a proud man and very proud of your wife and daughter Sandra.
    You are blessed and it's been a blessing to know you.
    Thank-you !
    My prayers are with you during this difficult time.
    God Bless !
    Agnes Smith
    Platinum Travel
    Thanks for sharing your journey with me Sandra..It is very poignant and touching to read and brings tears to my eyes.

  2. Hi Savitri,
    Thanks very much for the updates. I really wish i was there but you did a good job of making me feel as if i'm there, thank you. I know we've never met but, for the 12 + years that i've really get to know Dood cha cha, he really did give me some good advice that i will live with and i am very greatful for the time i spent with him and cha che whenever they're in Florida. Please let him know that i send him lots of love and please give him a big kiss for me. Please tell him i love him because that's how our conversation always ends. You take care and i'll continue to look forward for updates, please give my regards to cha che.

    PS: Your dad is not "uncle" he made sure we said "Cha Cha" . Just had to let you in on this.

    Until your next email

  3. Surely God will continue to bless you as you continue to take care of your Dad. Nothing in the world can compare to what you are doing. My prayers are with you. Give my love to your Dad.


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