Saturday, February 26, 2011

Training, reading, writing, thinking....

I was sure glad for the start of the weekend yesterday afternoon.  I had a long exhausting week of work and all the other stuff I had to sort out this week.  I had dinner and crashed into bed last night with the thought of my new treadmill looming in my head.  I slept in till 8:15am and then went on the treadmill for 35 minutes doing some heavy duty interval training and then on the universal gym for some leg and arm presses.  I am hoping to do 3-4 half marathons this year but will have to look for some interesting destinations so that is my motivation for training. 

Mom came over for a haircut today and we talked about doing something with the house - or more to the point - that she cannot stay in the house by herself for much longer.  At 81, she should not be living alone. Sophie and I offered her to stay with us but that was the beginning of Feb. and she was not ready to think about that.  I think she's ready to leave now but she still has to decide where she wants to go - to live with one of us or to get an apartment of her own.  We talked about staying with one of us temporarily and deciding later what to do about a more permanent arrangement. She left with no clear decision being made but mom doesn't make decisions that she doesn't want to.  She lets someone else do that. 

I spent some time this afternoon watching some cooking shows on PBS.  It's my de-stressor - to cook, bake and watch cooking shows.  I do have the problem of finding people to give the baking to but those who know me, know that I don't need an excuse to give you a loaf or tart if you so much as make eye contact with me.  I used to like the Food Network but most of the shows these days are stupid and boring and have less to do with cooking and more to do with cursing, competition or renovating restaurants.  

I had a great supper of chicken fiesta which I did not have to cook and I even had a piece of apple pie and frozen yogurt.  I was just settling in to reading a good book on the Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education (that was a bit of sarcasm but I really do have to read it) when I got a call from the hospice to say that Dad had a fall but he was not injured.  I took some Secaris nasal gel for the dry nose he's been having from the oxygen and it fell from his table.  He bent over to reach it and he fell and could not pick himself up so he used the emergency call button to the nurse.  He was more startled than anything else and said that he was not dizzy but then again, he is sometimes confused so we can't be sure.

Donna the nurse said that they would keep an eye on him but he seems to be settling in and calling the other residents by name and is going for more walks now.  He's organized his bed and table with hardly any space in between, that he barely has room to get into his bed so it's no wonder that he could not pick himself up.  The nurses moved the bed to help him up but they had to put it back the way he wants it. They said that he doesn't usually use his call button so when he did, they went right away.  She also explained that if one or two nurses could not pick him up, they would pull the call button out of the wall which would alert other staff members that they needed additional help.  They sure are well prepared for most eventualities.  

Now I can get back to reading my most fascinating book on the philosophy of education.  This is part of the reading for my doctoral dissertation.  It's more provide another reference for stuff I have already written in one chapter and teach about.  I was hoping to have my dissertation completed by the end of the summer but it doesn't look like I'll be able to meet that deadline that I set for myself.  I've finished writing 4 chapters for a total of 350 pages and have two more chapters to complete - one of which is the results of a series of 3 focus groups.  I organized someone to conduct the focus groups for my research but I've been waiting for almost 3 months due to one delay or another on her part.  I will have to cut my losses and find someone else because I don't want to be delayed any longer.  So that's my weekend.  

Sharm posted an explanation of the porcupine theme for her workshop.  If you are interested, her comment is on Thursday's post.  
A GREAT BIG HUG from me to you.
(Someone sent me this so I'm sharing)

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