Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update: Dad; plantar fasciitis
I called the hospice at 7:30 this morning but Margaret was just starting her shift so she could not give me an update.  I had an 8-10 workshop and then a 10-12 meeting.  I called when I returned to my desk and Janine said that dad had some trouble breathing this morning so they gave him some meds which seemed to settle him. 

Last night we went over to mom's house to do some final staging before agents start showing the house today.  It's up on MLS so it should have some action pretty soon.  The house is well taken care of so I don't see that it's going to take long to sell.  

Before we got there, dad called and left a message about 7pm that he was still having trouble breathing and it did not seem to subside after we left the hospice yesterday.  When we left he was settled but I think the reason he was feeling worse than usual yesterday was that I visited from 7:30-9am; mom, Sophie and Darwin arrived at 10 and mom stayed till I got there at 4pm; a friend Tom visited after lunch and by the time I got back there at 4pm, he had completely exhausted himself with visitors as well as phone calls.  On top of all that activity, he now has thrush again and that's causing him to have difficulty swallowing to the point that he cannot even swallow rice without choking on it.  Tracy the chef blended up his food, added more gravy and mashed potatoes and he was able to eat.

Dr Hartley prescribed some meds for the thrush so hopefully that will work soon.  I think it's all the way in his throat already and because it's difficult to see in his mouth with all the swelling, it would have been hard to detect.   Mom said that he kept repeating over and over yesterday that he wishes God would take him now and not let him suffer.  To use the hindu phrase he likes to use, this is his "bardan".  Roughly translated, it's your karma or destiny. 

I had a lengthy conversation with Pandit Chowbay before he passed away a few years ago.  I asked him about bardan and karma. Two of my questions were "Is there really anything that I can do to change my destiny if it was already predetermined - meaning that wasn't it already predetermined that I would do good/bad things?   Am I not simply living the life that was decided for me by a greater being and therefore living my karma?" 

We talked at great length about this - at the beginning of which he said "You ask too many questions" but he also said that the questions meant that I was thinking about these questions and was not simply taking belief as dogma without question.  He also said that it's important to ask questions and pandits are obliged to answer the questions, rather than telling us just to do what they say without benefit of an explanation.  They should know and be able to explain the scriptures if they are doing the work of a pandit.   That goes for any religious leader I think.  Anyway, he was able to explain my "why is the sky blue" questions enough so that I could feel somewhat comfortable with the answer - although I came to the conclusion that there is no one clear answer.   I had a similar discussion with dad on Sunday after I dropped Auntie Bauline off at the airport.  I'll write about this at a later time.

Plantar fasciitis

Take care.  I have to go to my chiropractor today or tomorrow.  I have a bad case of plantar fasciitis for about two months and of course I have not found the time to look after it so after a visit to the chiropractor two days ago because I could hardly walk without hobbling, I now have tendinitis because I have been compensating for the intense pain.  Here is a pic.  If you ever have this kind of pain, you should get it taken care of.  I had it a few years ago and after wanting to cut off my right foot at the ankle, my chiropractor suggested orthotics and some exercises which eventually helped.  The pain that time was at mid foot.  Now it's directly as this picture shows it.

I know if this was happening to one of my parents or family members, I would insist that they go to the dr and get it resolved but you'd think I could follow my own advice.  Noooo. That would be too simple.  I have to get to the point of not being able to walk before I'll do something.  If anyone leaves a comment, please don't say "so what else is new?" or overdo the Guyanese expression "you proper hard ears". 

later ....

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