Sunday, March 20, 2011

Update: Dad & Indi; Mom; phone calls
It's Sunday early evening.  I went to the airport this morning to pick up my cousin Indi from Toronto.  We went to the hospice about 10:45 and dad was in the bathroom when we got to his room.  I didn't tell him that Indi was coming so it was a nice surprise when he finally recognized her.  I spoke to Wynona today and she said that he is having a lot more pain in the last two days so he is needing a lot more pain meds.  From 6-10 this morning, he needed extra pain meds three times.  From 10:30am-12:30pm, he needed it twice more. 

He wants to stay up and visit but he is really not able to do so.  Mom arrived at 12:45 and I left there at 1pm to come home and unpack all the goodies that Indi brought from Toronto.  There was about 15 pounds of fish - gilbacka and snapper, okra, bora, eddoes, plantains, eggplant and green mangoes.  There was also cheese rolls, pine tarts, chinese cakes, butter flaps, tennis rolls and a loaf of plait bread. All of these are from Narine's bakery.  Can you hear me say yuuuuummmmmyyyy?  I don't know if the stores in Toronto have anything else left.  I already cooked some of the eggplant and gilbacka.  I'll take some of the curry for dad but I am not sure he'll be able to eat it, unless it's blended like a soup.  These days, he has to have all his food blended otherwise he can't get it down.

Mom and Indi left the hospice at about 4pm. Karran and Kelsey went to visit before he leaves for Montreal for a week for work but dad did not wake up while he was there.  Sophie and Darwin were still there when mom left.  While mom was there, dad needed more meds twice. That's seven sets of pain meds in a few hours.  I am surprised that the man is still able to stand. By any reasonable expectation, he should be completely bed ridden but he is still able to move around.  I called Uncle Sydney so dad could talk to him and he told Uncle Sydney that he was doing good. Indi had to smile because he could barely stand up but his voice sounds strong. 

We took mom to the theatre yesterday to see Calendar Girls.  It was so beautiful and inspirational and if you are not familiar with the story, it was a group of women who belong to the Women's Institute. One of the husbands pass away from cancer and the women decide to raise about 600 Pounds to buy a new sofa for the visitors waiting room of the hospital because the one that was there was terrible.  They decided to take nude pictures of themselves for a calendar and it was such a hit that they raised almost 600,000 Pounds.  It was so great that I think I might use the same idea with all of dad's visitors to the hospice and make a calendar with it.  So if you are planning to visit in the next few weeks, prepare to be featured in next year's calendar in the same format as the calendar girls only this one will be of Calendar Boys so I can enjoy it too.

We went out to dinner after at a really nice Italian restaurant that has great buns (not like the kind in the previous paragraph but equally as good).  I had a great salad with grilled fennel and chicken breast in a maple sauce and some tomato and boccincino.  It was delish.  Mom went to church this morning although I had to convince her that she should do something other than sit at home and mope.  In the end, she was glad she went because the other members greeted her and offered their prayers for her and dad.  

Phone calls
I wanted to say thank you to all the people that have been calling in the last week: Ida, Auntie Siloch, Auntie Maggie, Indi, Kumarie, Uncle Deo, Auntie Mamus, Auntie Lovin, Radha, Georgie, Pastor Jim, Eddie & Auntie Rosaline, Uncle Sydney, Joanie, Goutham & Indra, and I am sure that I forgot some people but your call is still appreciated.  Mom's number is forwarded to our number so with all the calls, it is sometimes difficult to return all your calls if we don't get to speak to you directly.      

Take care all.
Hope you had a great weekend.

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