Friday, March 18, 2011

Update: Dad; mom; admonishment
I called the hospice this morning and Janine said that dad had a good night (relatively speaking).  He was up about 1am and had some more meds because his head, neck and chest were hurting but went to bed till 5am when he awoke on his own.  I called the room a few minutes ago and mom answered.  She said that he had some pain earlier but they gave him some fentanyl. Tom went to visit this morning and told him that Channel 42 has some old movies so dad can look at them.  Annette and her husband are also visiting so he'll likely be tired by the time the afternoon is over.   

Mom went this morning to the hospice and she'll probably stay till 2pm or so. I don't think she is happy about having to leave her home and move in with us so she looks a little sulky. Nothing seems to be making her happy these days.  She is sighing and moaning a lot but at least there is no apparent medical reason for her to be doing this. I ask her what she wants for dinner or breakfast and she just says "whatever."  I thought going to the theatre and out for dinner tomorrow night might cheer her up but I got the same response when I said that she can decide what kind of restaurant she would like to go to.

She went to the doctor yesterday and he said that her iron levels are low so she has to increase her intake of iron supplements. It's a chronic family condition for the women in our family so we've all faced the same thing over periods of our life. She's been taking iron pills but she takes them with calcium which slows/blocks the absorption of iron.  I told her almost a year ago to take the iron supplements with Vitamin C and not at the same time as calcium but she probably forgot so of course the pills did nothing for her. 

I was admonished by email from Auntie Bauline about wanting to cut off my foot at the ankle a few years ago from the pain of plantar fasciitis, so I am humbled Auntie Bauline. I was only speaking figuratively and I do know that many other people are dealing with things much worse.  It was not an attempt to compare degrees of pain, only to say that in spite of other people's pain, mine is no less painful when I am the one going through it.

This weekend will be spent on things academic.  I have a series of three focus groups scheduled for next week for my doctoral dissertation.  I had planned to do them myself but the ethics review board at the college was concerned about the anonymity of the participants given that I am teaching some of them or managing projects for some of their bosses, so I hired someone to facilitate the sessions. I had to rework my questions to make them easier/clearer for her to ask since she does not have the same degree of knowledge about the subject matter for which I am conducting my research.  I will be glad to get these done so that I can starting writing my Chapter 5 and then only one more will be left.  Can I get this done by the end of the summer? It's worth a try - if I am not doing anything else with my time in the next few months. 

have a great weekend...

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