Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update:  Mom; Dad; Rainbows

 I called the hospice this morning and the nurse Jim said that he had a relatively good night.  Good in this case is relative to how he was doing yesterday.  I called last night about 9pm and nurse Winona said that he was settled in bed for the night.  He had a rough day and he was very tired.  She said that he didn't want to tell his visitors that he was tired so he tried to stay up.  I asked who the visitors were and she said it was my mom and my sister.  Winona told him that it is quite alright to tell them that he is going to rest for a few minutes and they can keep on talking but he doesn't want to miss any of the conversation so he stays awake and consequently, he exhausts himself. 

He is struggling more to breathe so they are increasing the meds.  The oxygen that was working two weeks ago is not working now and the dosages of meds that were working last week will likely have to be increased.   Dr Hartley came in to see him yesterday and he has requested an x-ray for dad, although he checked dad's lungs and they seem to be clear.  Dad asked him what was happening and Dr Hartley told him that he is going down.  Mom was there when Dr Hartley said that so she is upset.  We all know where this is going but it's still hard to hear but I am glad that the dr. is being upfront.  It's really the only way to be - at least from my perspective.

Mom is now staying with me as of last night so if you would like to talk to her, you can call my number. Most of you have it but if not, send me an email and I'll send it to you. I will also be forwarding her calls from her number to mine so she won't miss anyone.

I try to look for a silver lining in every cloud that passes over me and there is ALWAYS one even if it's sometimes hard to see.  The silver lining from dad's illness is that I am now finding out how many family I have who care and will take the time to write or call.  That's a precious gift that should not ever be taken for granted. 

Mom received a package in the mail yesterday and it was a gift from Geeta and her family in Florida.  Thank you Geeta and family for the Bhagvad Gita and the Hannoman Chalisa and of course the two lovely cards from you and the kids.  Dad will be very happy to have them.

Joannie, dad missed your call on Sunday when he was having dinner and he was quite upset so if you get a chance, please call him again, even if it's for a minute or you can call me and give me your phone number and your availability and I will call from the hospice the next time I am there.  He also wants to talk to Uncle Sidney so please pass along the message.

Auntie Bauline came to visit for a few days and that cheered dad up tremendously.  Indi called last night to say that she is coming either this weekend or sometime next week.

Oscar and Yvonne have been friends with my parents for decades.  In fact, dad told me that Oscar was a young lad in the 1950's when he started working at the milk plant. When dad emigrated to Canada, he lost touch with Oscar.  One day, dad was coming home from work in a bus in Winnipeg.  He thought he saw someone that looked like Oscar but by the time he could do anything, the bus left the stop so he went home and told mom.  Later that year, mom had to go for surgery and the nurse that was taking care of her asked her where she was from.  Mom said Guyana and so was the nurse whose name was Yvonne.  That's how dad and Oscar re-connected after many years.  Throughout those years, Yvonne taught Sophie and my kids to play the piano.  The kids are all very good piano players even though it's been years since I heard some music from them.  Oscar and Yvonne call from Guyana to keep in touch and both parents are grateful. 

The same goes for Auntie Lovin.  She is also very strong especially since she recently lost Uncle Fred to a lengthy illness.  Dad and mom used to spend some winter months with them in Florida so they are also very close. 

Uncle Deo is on vacation but manages to call from every port to check to see how his brother is doing.   Dad tells stories of how close they were when they were growing up. 

Auntie Maggie calls or emails almost every day and so do my friends - some of which I have had since I was 5-10 years old going to Belair School and Cumming's Lodge Secondary. Those truly are gifts that have intrinsic value. .

I have not mentioned everyone that keeps in touch but that only means that I am writing what comes into my head at this moment. 

Take care everyone, and we do appreciate all the support that you are offering.

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