Monday, March 07, 2011

Update on dad
Hi all,
I am not sure how this rumour got started, but dad has NOT passed away. He is doing as well as can be expected.

I have not been to the hospice for a few days as I was getting over the flu myself and did not want to jeopardize dad's health. I made some karhi and rice and some kheer and sent it with mom who was supposed to go today but didn't because she had a fitful night. 

I call the hospice each day to check on dad's progress.  Yesterday he was very tired in the early morning so he asked for some pain meds and slept in past the time he usually has his breakfast.  Janine said that he was a bit subdued in the afternoon and was breathing a bit heavy (more than his usual shortness of breath).  They increased his oxygen from 3 to 5 litres (I have no idea what that means) and have also increased his pain meds. 

Today Sophie and Darwin went to visit and Sophie said that he was asking the nurse about being discharged.  You can't say that the man is not persistent.  She told him that is not going to happen so he stopped asking, but that's for today.  Tomorrow may be more of the same or he may be whistling a different tune - figuratively speaking, but back in the day, he was an excellent whistler.  I hope to go to the hospice tomorrow afternoon after work and will wear a mask if I need to. 


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