Thursday, March 24, 2011

Update: Uncle Sydney

I said I was not going to use red ink unless it's important.  This is important. Last Saturday Uncle Sydney called at home and wanted the number at the hospice because he wanted to talk to dad.  I gave him the number but when he called, dad was probably asleep so he didn't get a chance to talk to dad.  So when I went on Sunday, I called Uncle Uncle Sydney and dad talked to him for a few minutes. Uncle Sydney was crying because he was very upset that dad is sick.  Dad kept consoling him with "hey Buddy, don't cry.  I'm doing okay.  I'm doing okay."  Then dad told Uncle Sydney that he should talk to Joanie and Boyee kindly because they are all the family he has.  Uncle Sydney promised to do so.

Joanie called today to say that Uncle Sydney had a stroke and is now in the intensive care of the hospital  He thinks dad is in the bed next to him and he keeps asking Joanie to pull the curtains so he can see his cousin.  Joanie is trying to tell him that Uncle Dood is not here but he is not accepting that.  Joanie, you have been diligent in calling the last couple of weeks so I feel for you sweetheart.  I'm glad that I got to speak - even if only briefly - to Uncle Sydney on Saturday. 

Take care...
love to you...

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