Tuesday, April 19, 2011

11:55pm: Arrangements to be finalized

As of right now, no arrangements have been finalized.  As soon as I have that confirmed, I will post it on the blog.  In the meantime, I've been thinking of doing the CancerCare Challenge for Life 20 kilometre walk on June 11, 2011. Well I came home tonight and registered for it. No more thinking about it.  The walk this year will be to honour my father's life and to remind myself to keep walking for a healthy life.  I hope you'll join me even if it's in your city. 

My goal this year is to raise $2,000. If you would like to sponsor me, in leiu of flowers, donations can be made to the Challenge for Life Walk at my web page:

I promise to do an extra 1.1 kilometre which is a 1/2 marathon in total and I will make a point of posting my training walks daily or every second day.  You can follow along or better yet, you can walk with me - in your city.


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