Thursday, April 14, 2011

I went to the hospice this afternoon on my way home from work.  I checked in with the nurses prior to seeing Dad and Gaye said that he was doing okay and there was no bleeding for the last few days.  I went to his room and he was up.  His face on both sides is swollen but it doesn't appear to be affecting him adversely - at least no more than usual. 

We talked for a few minutes and he said he was hungry so I went to get him his dinner.  Mandy was about to bring it to him but since I was there, she stayed with the other residents.  Dad was telling me that Chef Tracy made him curry for dinner and he tasted it and said it was lovely.  It didn't look too lovely to me but he enjoyed it so that's what matters.  After dinner I get him a bowl of ice-cream from Tracy -a very big bowl which he didn't think he would eat but we talked and he finished it. He told me that he usually has cream of wheat just after his shower in the morning but for the last few mornings there was none so he was having oatmeal which he is not too enjoying.  He mentioned it to one of the staff who told Tracy and within minutes she was in his room apologizing that there was no cream-of-wheat and she promised that there would be some by the end of today.  And by Jeeves.... there was!  She sent someone out to buy some so Dad could have it tomorrow morning.  Now that's service.  Just like the kind I am getting at home. 

Mom has been making dinner for the last few days so it's nice to come home to good smelling food.  Mind you, I am a good cook too but it's nice to have someone else cooking once in a while.  She seems to be settling into a kind of routine so we are finding a rhythm that appears to be working for the time being. 

BTW: IF any Winnipeg people reading this blog knows of anyone looking to buy a solid mahogany bedroom suite (frame with queen mattress and box spring, bookcase headboard, triple dresser and mirror, five drawer chest  and one night table), please email me. 
Kijiji: Mahogany-coloured Queen bedroom suite

I also have a maple china cabinet,
Maple china cabinet

...a 9'x12' brown and gold area rug

and an 8'x10' oriental rug  (cream background with a dusty rose motif).

10'x12' Oriental rug - Motive

10'x12' border

We'd like to sell them by the end of next week if possible.  That's it for now. Long day and another long day tomorrow.


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