Friday, April 08, 2011

Dad; Isla
I called home this evening and Mom said that Dad called earlier today to say that he was not sure what was happening to his throat.  The reality is that the cancer is growing more now and most of it surrounds his throat.  He knows what is happening but I think he is looking for some reassurance from anyone that it's not as bad as it is.  Dr Hartley said on Monday that the tumour is growing around Dad's throat (which we already knew) but there is nothing he can do but make Dad comfortable.  I forget to ask Mom about the car but it's been giving her some problems in the last month so she had to take it to the mechanic again today. The car is over 12 years old and looks more like a small plane than a car.  It's time to get rid of the thing.  I am trying not to think of all the stuff I have to deal with when I go back.  In the meantime, I will focus on the few more days of relaxation that I have left.

Today we did not hang out at the beach because all of us have now had some reaction to the sun.  Ronin was itching his neck for the last two days and by this morning, he also had a rash.  So we went to the rocky beach and threw some rocks in the water.  This evening, we went to Picus for dinner and again, the food was very good.  It's lovely to eat fresh fish every day.  After dinner we saw the most beautiful sunset.  There was hardly a cloud in the sky and the sun looked like a huge globe sinking into the ocean with the most glorious colours of pink and orange with a scattering of various shades of grey for the few clouds that were in the sky.  There was a man standing there watching me watching the sun set so he thought he should show me la luna (the moon), which was clearly in the sky but he had to point it out anyway. 

Isla sunset in progress - 1
Isla sunset in progress - 2

Isla sunset in progress - 3

Isla sunset in progress - 4
After watching the sunset, we went off to get our churros but no leche flan tonight.  We're going to go to the top deck of the hotel and do some star gazing from a lounge chair.  I used to do that when I was a child.  Karran, Bena and I used to spread a blanket on the landing of our front steps at night and lie down next to each other and cover with another blanket and we would try to count the stars in the sky.  I'm not sure how far we ever got but there were millions and I know we never got that high.  I'll have to see how high we get tonight.  The temperature today was a high 31C but with the humidity, it felt like 38C. 

Sunita and I were checking out airfares to Phoenix in June.  I submitted an abstract to present a paper on Quality Assurance processes at a conference in Phoenix in June and yesterday I got an email from the selection committee that the paper was accepted for presentation  So my three colleagues and I will be going there to do the presentation.  Last year we attended the conference and Sunita and Subhadra joined me for a few days.  We went to the Grand Canyon for a day and it was 113F at the canyon.  If you have not felt desert heat like that, trust me on this one, you DO NOT want to.  It was a blistering heat and no matter what we did, we could not cool down.  Sunita had an allergic reaction to the sun but I was a bit more careful and did not get as bad a reaction as she did.  I know that some allergies are hereditary so she may have inherited that from me.  I wonder if I got it from an ancestor. 

Having been accepted to present at a conference is quite a good thing but of course that means that I have to do some preparation and that means more work in the next two months.  I have also been looking at all the work related emails and I am resisting the urge to start dealing with some of it.  So instead I found a good Agatha Christie book (I love her books) downstairs in the hotel lobby so I am going to spend a couple days reading and taking my mind off work. I am quite happy that I am now finished transcribing my focus group session.  But guess what?  Irene did another one for me yesterday so I now have another one to transcribe.  Sophie offered to do it so I might take her up on it. 

Off to do some star gazing and then sink myself into my book...

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