Saturday, April 09, 2011

Dad; Isla
I received an email from Sophie today.  She called the hospice this morning and Nurse Wynona said that Dad had a breakthrough pain med this morning about 4am and he had his shower, breakfast and went back to bed.  He awoke a bit later to ask for his shower and breakfast.  The nurses showed him that he was already dressed, then he remembered . Sophie said that he's been more forgetful in the last two weeks but with the heavy doses of medications, I'm surprised that he isn't more forgetful.

This morning after breakfast, we rented a golf cart for an hour to go around the island.  There are no rental cars here so if you want to get from one place to another, you either walk, ride a bike use a taxi, or rent a golf cart or moped.  We've been walking everywhere in the centre of town.  The town consists of about 8 streets in a North/South direction and about 4 streets in an East/West direction and these are by no means long streets.  There aren't even any traffic lights anywhere on the island.

After we were done driving around, we went to the market to buy some more cinnamon bark.  We got a whole lot for about $3.  It's incredible that we would probably pay five times as much for the fake stuff.   We also got quite a few guavas and some fig bananas.  I, who am not a lover of bananas unless they are the small ones, promptly had a bite of Sunita's.  It needs another day or so to ripen.  I had the best starapples two days ago and the sapodillas are so sugary, that you can positively taste the sugar crystals in them.  Same for the huge papaya adn all the mangos that we bought earlier in the week. We came back to the hotel and Ronin ate about 5 guavas - granted that they were small ones.  He wants us to buy some to take back to Edmonton so what did we do?  We went back to the market in the blistering sun (29C with a Humidex of 38C) and bought some more, just so my grandbaby could take home some. 

We made some guacamole and then went off to buy some water coconuts.  The first one was not very good.  The husk was a bit wrinkly and dry. The jelly was already hard and the water had no taste. I think the amigo didn't think we knew anything about coconuts.  By the time we asked for a second one, he picked a nicer one - the skin was green and smooth and he only made one cut and you could already tell that it would be good.  It was.  The water was sweet and refreshing and the jelly was nice and soft but had a bit of texture.  Ronin thoroughly enjoyed it, especially with his coconut husk spoon.  He thought that was a bit wierd but he went with the flow. 
Enjoying a first coconut
Why am I talking about all this fresh fruit?  Well, if you live in Winnipeg and are reading this, you'll know why.  If you're not from Winnipeg, you probably get all this stuff and it's good.  We get some horrible papayas and guavas.  I buy them but by the time they are ripe, they are rotten so I don't even buy them unless I happen to be in Toronto and can bring them home right away.  I am loving all the fresh fruit and veggies and the food is pretty safe to eat because all the water is purified water that is piped in from Cancun. We do, however, use bottled water - just in case. 

Yesterday I treated myself to a haircut and pedicure.  It was nice to sit in a chair and have someone else paint my toes for me. Because I am a trained hairstylist and manicurist (in another life), and I used to teach these skills, I don't often take the opportunity to treat myself because I am always watching to see how well they are doing their jobs and if they are sanitizing their instruments and in most cases they don't do as good a job on my feet as I could do myself.  Call me fussy about this.  The girl at the salon did a pretty good job and for $24, I got a cut and a pedi.  Bena are you reading this? 

 I was thinking that I could retire (again) and come down here for the winter and work for 2-3 hours a day - just enough to pay for my room and food....or I could come here and just blog about my experience and that would be enough...or I could hire on as a cook at a restaurant (nah... to hot), or I could teach english on the beach in the evenings...or...I could....just do nothing...

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