Thursday, April 28, 2011

Memorial service today

We were bussssy yesterday.  I am sure that each of us worked as much as three people each.  We washed and chopped, cooked, cleaned, packed...just about any and everything.  The fridges are completely packed and the freezer is emptying pretty quickly.  I didn't realize how much bread, veggies, soap, laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, dishes, glasses, flour, milk, canned goods, and - well, a grocery store really - I have in my home.  They've been disappearing off the shelves just from cooking and feeding everyone in the last week.

It's amazing how everyone is working together.  They just ask what needs to get done, go off and do it without question and help out anyone who needs help.  That's a lot easier for me than having people second guessing and offering suggestions but not work.

This morning I have to shave Karran's head, Then he has to dispose of the hair in flowing water, shower and get ready for the pooja at 10am.  Then I shower and get ready to prepare the food for the pooja.  We are all doing that.  There'll be about 25 people attending that and we are cooking the usual pooja food except without garlic and onions as per the pandit's instructions.  We'll be putting our cooking skills to the test to cook dhall, rice, potato curry, katahar, pumpkin, spinach, and parsad.  I also made some paneer and veggie curry as well. Last night we cooked and packed about 500 puri.  That was a job by itself but I had quite a production line set up and it worked beautifully.  Sharon mixed the flour, Mom, sized the dough, Bena and Sophie rolled out the dough, Sharm and I finished the rolling and Karran and Prak cooked and packed the puri.  Robin fried some paneer in the mean time.

The memorial service is this afternoon at 4pm so we'll be heading off to the mandir for 1pm to cook and set up the place for the service. If anyone from Winnipeg is reading this, you are invited this afternoon. Dinner is served after so come hungy.  Take care everyone and hope to see you this aft. 


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