Saturday, April 02, 2011

Update: Dad
I called the hospice twice today.  Janine said that dad had some more breakthrough meds for his breathing and he was resting.  Sophie emailed and said that she and Darwin went this afternoon and stayed for dinner with Dad.  By the time she left, he didn't fuss about going to bed and only asked once where I was. 

I also talked to mom and she said she was doing fine.  She was just talking to Auntie Maggie and also had to return a few calls to Bena and Leila.  I went to the beach today but didn't stay long. I had a nap after lunch.  I thought it was the heat but I think it's my body saying that I need to slow down for a few days.  Sunita and Ronin will be coming tomorrow so I am loking forward to spending the time with them too. 

I did some transcribing for my focus group.  I only have about 15 minutes more to do so I am going to try to do it in the next day or two.  Yes I am still working on my vacation although I wish I could stay here for a few weeks and do my work... The temperature today was about 30C and it was nice not to be wearing winter clothes. 


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  1. just finish reading your blog for the last three day,not beaning home much myself so i am very grateful that you are still writing about your dad etc.Enjoy your vacation in Mexico for i think you deserved it.stay safe and enjoy.your mom call and leave a message two days ago i will try to call her today after trying to get haft hour sleep after sending this to you. keep up the ood work
    and keep that smile on.


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