Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Update: Isla-better than icecream!
It's 31C and mighty hot right now.  I am in the zocola (the square) where there is free wifi but fortunately there is a church and I can sit on the steps while I am blogging otherwise it would be too hot.  Today was another beach day  The water was very warm and the waves were a perfect height for me to take Ronin and ride them.  He found a long piece of the root of a coconut tree and he was walking up and down the beach pretending that he was Avatar and he was killing the bad people.  He looked so cute in his slightly big swim trunks and his little blue Tshirt. 

Ronin building sandcastles

Waves catching Ronin's feet
I am still covered in rashes but I can't resist the water so of course I piled on the sunscreen and went in anyway.  We came back to the hotel and had lunch.  Sunita took Ronin to a hairstylist about 10 metres from the hotel to get a haircut - all of $5.  Can't beat that except if Nani is doing it for free. He is now having a nap as is Sunita.  The sun really drains your energy or as Sabreena used to say "N-Der-Dee" (She wasn't quite 3 yet).  I'm off to get an icecream or snow cone.  Life here for the last few days is better than icecream.

I called home and mom said that she had a somewhat quiet day.  She rested which is a good thing.  I told her to leave the things in the house because we'll take care of the clean-up and disposal of the things.  Karran and Sophie have been doing some of it already so that will help tremendously.  Karran said that he went to the hospice during the day and dad was fine except that his lips are swollen again as big as it was two weeks ago but he seems to be able to follow along with the conversations.  Karran told him that he was going to Suriname on Thursday and dad seemed to understand.

PS: Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in the blog.  I use spell check (although I am a good speller - just not a good typist) but the spell checker is working only in spanish so it thinks all the English words are spelled incorrectly. 


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