Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Update: Isla; Dad/Mom

Last night we went to Negrita for dinner. The place looks like a shack but the food was good. I ordered fried plantains and each time I go there, the owner runs over next door to see if the little shop has plantains and he then comes back to tell me that yes I can have it. It’s funny but he does it each time. After that, we went to the square and bought some leche flan (I think it’s crème caramel) and it was as delicious as every other night I’ve had it since arriving. We also bought some churros (donut sticks rolled in cinnamon). I would not eat this stuff at home but on vacation, I indulge and will have to do a few more laps around my lunchtime circuit at the college when I get home but it’ll be worth it! I’m trying to balance that with fish at lunch and/or dinner.

Today we went to a little cafe in the market and I had a great cup of coffee. They make coffee from beans and put lots of hot milk just the way I like it. It’s surprising how much Spanish I can remember when I have to. All of us had eggs for breakfast at the same place – Alexa & Geovanni. Each time I come to Isla, I go there for a nice cup of morning coffee – sometimes before I go to the seawall or after my walk – depending on how much caffeine I need to start the day.

This morning I didn’t go for my seawall walk. My plantar fasciitis has been bothering me quite a bit so I thought a rest was in order. It did help that I was not aggravating it with a 45 minute walk in the morning and same in the evening, with a few walks to and from the beach each day.

flower Garden Wall

Lovely flowers along the beach walk
Today we were going to take the local bus to Playa Lancheros but the bus is now much smaller than it was before so we took a taxi instead. It was a much better plan because the taxi took us right to the door of Lancheros restaurant. The temperature was a hot 30C so we would have burnt our skin much more than it’s already burnt. My rashes on my arm are no better but at least no worse. Robin on the other hand, had welts from head to toe – literally. This is the first time this happened so I went to the pharmacy to get some Benadryl. Hopefully it will help. Maybe it’s the time of year and the sun is much hotter in Isla or maybe we were not as cautious as we usually are. We had a special grilled fish at Lancheros – the same one that we’ve had before.

At least Ronin is not reacting to the heat or the sun but we’ve been pretty diligent about using sun block. Sunita asked him today what he liked about Mexico and he said that he liked building sand castles with Grandpa and jumping the waves with Nani. Yesterday he was an Avatar and today he was Superman. I was showing him how to skip rocks on the water and he was laughing his head off. I threw a rock and he said that he wanted to throw a rock up to the sky like Nani. I showed him how to position his feet but a few times he got so excited when throwing, that he missed me by a hare’s breath once or twice. I have to say though that being here with him is great therapy for me.

I called home about 5pm and spoke to mom. She was at the hospice this morning with Sophie and Darwin and she said that dad was not doing well today. He was very shaky and seemed to be trembling a bit. He was not able to feed himself breakfast so he had some assistance to do that. He skipped his morning shower because he was too weak so the nurses gave him a sponge bath instead. That’s unusual. I asked if he asked for me but he didn’t. He is less coherent so he may not remember that I have not been there for days. That’s a blessing in a way. I could use the break without feeling guilty that I am not there when he asks. Mom said that Kathy the nurse trainer said that dad is going down slowly but I think we all knew that – hence the move to the hospice in the first place. He is on more meds and that’s probably contributing to his confusion as well.


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  1. Reading your blog today is like reading a book of fiction,but since you is my cousin, i know you are a real person and i am very happy that you are having a wonderful real time.
    As i get to know you more via your blogs i can see you as a person that do not procrastinate over the things you want to do,the golds you set your self,as such you get thing done through hard work and still have fun doing it, keep it up cous. You are an inspiration.


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