Monday, May 02, 2011

Back to work; not back to routine though

It's a sort of a strange day.  I woke up this morning at 5:30am feeling tired but thinking that I had to do something.  For a minute I organized my day in my head starting with a hospice visit before I went to work and wondering what the traffic would be like this morning.  It finally dawned on me that I had no hospice visits to make now and my days would be different.  I rolled over intending to go back to sleep but it's the first time in two weeks that I have allowed myself to think just how much my life has changed.  I am feeling a bit lost as if I should be doing something else but I don't know what that is.  

I have to go to the chiropractor this afternoon and I'm sure I'll go home to find all kinds of goodies made by my aunts and mom.  I hope Mom had a good day with them and she can spend some time talking about "old time stories." I heard quite a few last night and hope to hear some more.  Some of them though are not the publishable kinds - you know the ones I am referring to - the skeletons in the family closets.  Yes, I've heard a lot of them over the years but they are not my stories to re-tell.   

Saturday I had a very nice early Mother's Day with Sunita.  I started out with a massage appointment that was Sharm's which she gave up for me.  Then Sunita and I went to a movie _Water for Elephants.  That was the book I was reading when we were in Mexico last month.  After the movie, Sunita and I went out for lunch.  I had a great portobello mushroom sandwich and I am finding out that a vegetarian diet could be a very good thing.  I've been an on and off vegetarian for years and I am seriously thinking that I could do it again.  

I am off to my appointment and then for a 5k training walk.  I am now up to $880 towards my Cancercare goal of $2000.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.  My dad would be very happy.


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