Thursday, June 09, 2011

Just two days to go till my 20k walk!

Well, I survived 4 classes of hot yoga - the 4th of which was last night.  I am either getting used to the heat or it was not so hot last night.  On Sunday, Sophie, Sharm and I did a combination pilates/yoga class and the teacher was quite good  The class was hard work because after 15 minutes I was glistening (and it wasn't even hot yoga!).  On Monday I was feeling great with a few tingles of achy spots but by Tuesday I was feeling it in my abs, my groin and mostly my back.  I was walking verrrry slowly all day and by yesterday I had decided that I wasn't going to go to last night's class so when Sharm called and said that she was bailing on me because she was tired, I had a good reason not to go.  After an hour of feeling like I shouldn't go, I put on my workout clothes and went anyway.  I was glad I did because it did me good. 

The 15 minutes relaxation before the class started was just what I needed.  The room was hot but I just laid there and allowed my mind to stop racing and going through the multitude of things I have to do in the next few days.  The classes started and I was sure that at one point when we had to lay on our backs in the supported bridge pose, I must have fallen asleep for a few seconds because I could feel the teacher's voice fading away.  I was indeed tired and had I allowed myself to, I would cheerfully have laid there for the rest of the class but I was afraid that I would do something embarrassing like snoring so I continued with the poses.

When we were done, I was telling Sophie how sore I was on Tuesday and she said her soreness started on Monday and was so bad that she could hardly walk. I was glad mine felt better by the end of class last night.  Today I am feeling ready to do my walk on Saturday.  My right foot is still bothering me quite a bit so I do hope that I will be able to do the whole walk in a reasonable time.  I should book an appointment for a massage on Saturday afternoon after the walk but I have to leave for Phoenix on Sunday morning and I have done no preparation except for the presentation that my boss and I am supposed to do on Monday afternoon. 

The weather in Winnipeg on Saturday is supposed to be a high of 21C but it shouldn't get that hot until the walk is over.  It starts at 9am and I hope to finish somewhere between 12-12:30pm (if my foot allows me to).  If not, I may be crossing the finish line just in time to go to the airport at 5am on Sunday.  Do they have showers at the airport just in case I might not have time to go home between my walk and check-in time? 

The weather in Phoenix is another story by itself.  Right now it's about 22C (72F) with an expected high of 37C (100F).  By the time I arrive on Sunday it should be a scorching 39C (103F) and the temp. for the rest of the time will be somewhere between 39-40C (102-105F).  Last year I was there with Sunita and Subhadra and Phoenix was recording one of its hottest June months with temperatures of 113F.  we went to the Grand Canyon and the temp that day was 115F.  I cannot even explain how hot that felt except to say that in the shade, I felt like I was sitting next to a fire and in the sun, it felt like I was standing beside a blowtorch.

This time I'm not planning to go anywhere.  I'm planning to enjoy one or all eight pools within the facilities and jsut sit and relax in one of the beautiful gardens on the hotel grounds.   I was under the impression that the hotel was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous American architect but in fact, it was designed by someone who studied with him. He had an itneresting life.  

Last year when I was there, I didn't have much time to enjoy the facilities because we were visiting the Grand Canyon and Sedona. If you've never gone to Sedona, you should try to make a trip there. It has teh most amazing red sandstone rock formations.  When you look at them, it's then that you realize the beauty of nature and the work of a higher power - call it God, creator, life force or whatever your inclination - but it makes you see just how small mankind is in the whole scheme of things.  Same for the Grand Canyon.  It is spectacular in every sense.  Anyway, Sedona is supposed to be a the centre of a number or vortexes (or vortices for some people). .  Here are some of the pictures and a video that I took when I was there.  They are truly amazing.

Church between the Rocks

Bell formation

Beautiful sandstone formation

Back to my walk: I was hoping to raise @2,000 for the walk but I've only managed to raise $1,700 to date. CancerCare expects that all walkers will raise a minimum of $1,000 so I've raised the minimum.  I'm happy about that.  It's always awkward to ask people for money, even when it's for a good cause but I'm glad that each of you came through. 


Your contributions mean a lot to me because it's in memory of my dad and with Father's day just 10 days away, it's even more meaningful.  I will keep all of you in my heart as I walk but I will also print your names and take it with me in my walking pouch.  That way, I'll feel like you are taking this journey with me too.  Last time I did the walk, I walked each kilometre for a family member kept picturing each of them  and the times I spent with that person.  It made the walk quite enjoyable actually.  This time I'll have all of you walking with me (albiet in my pouch)!

Take care everyone and thank you again.  Next time I'll most likely be posting from the blogisphere or at least from Phoenix where the heat will keep me indoors for sure.

Love to all of you. 

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