Friday, June 10, 2011

One day to go and almost at my goal!

It's only one more sleep till my walk and I am in a head space where I'm visualizing the finish line.  The course has some detours because of construction but I'm looking forward to doing the 21k.  The sponsors are serving breakfast and lunch but I usually don't have a whole lot to eat besides a bagel and cream cheese or something with more carbs than protein (that's harder to digest over a long walk).  The carbs will give me the energy that I'll need. I have my pouch packed with the necessary things - band aid, kleenix, water, chap stick, energy bar, hat and I have to make sure that I wear sunscreen. 

Wish me well and keep me in your thoughts as I do my walk.

Love to all of you and again, and thank you 1900 times. 


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