Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trent completed his first triathlon in St Malo

Trent did his first triathlon event and it was quite an accomplishment - 1500 metre swim, 40k bike ride and a 10k run.  I'd like to think I could do that one day but I'll stick to my 1/2 marathons for now.  Here is the event's course and some pics we took.

Sabreena and her Nani-Ma waiting for Daddy to arrive

Trent and friend Justin crossing the finish line!

Trent-still smiling after all that!

Rewarded with a hug from Sabreena

Sabreena - cute or what?

Sahana - in her white polka dots

St Malo Lake - the first part of the triathlon

Enjoying a Manitoba summer

Congratualtions Trent!!!! Great work and good motivation for the rest of us.  I, of course, overdid it with walking to and from the event without my cast so of course I am hurting. 


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  1. very good bloging u look fantastic and my sis with the grand keep the good work going


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