Friday, July 15, 2011

FREE music and Ballet in Assiniboine Park; breakfast with my babies

Last night (totally spur-of-the-moment) we went to Assiniboine Park for Music in the Park. Ron Paley and his big band were playing.  He leads the iconic Winnipeg band Ron Paley and his Orchestra.  I remembered going to a New Year's Eve party in the late 70's and liking the music but I think I was a bit too young to enjoy all of it.

Last night I sure did.  We took our lawn chairs and sat in front of the outdoor stage and soaked up the beautiful sounds of the band.  There were some beautiful songs - Moonlight Serenade (from the 1940's I think) and songs from Neil Diamond (Sweet Caroline), James Brown (I Feel Good), Louis Armstrong (What a Wonderful World), Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody) and more that I can't remember or know the name of.  It was lovely to enjoy a Manitoba summer evening with no mosquitoes and just a nice overcast sky (slightly cool and no rain) and just and just listen to some great music where it was appreciated - in the open skies and clean air. 

The park has concerts every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings from 7-9pm for the rest of the summer.  They also have a Smooth Jazz every Sunday afternoon from 3-4pm in the Leo Mol Gardens.  And for several weeks, they have Friday night movies - two per night for the next few weeks.  On July 27-29, they have Ballet in the Park  Assiniboine Park Summer Events (check out the PDF on July 27 for more ballet information).

The best part of all this?  It's FREE!!!  All of it - music, movies, jazz, and Ballet!!  I think that's great! So go out with your family and enjoy the summer!  I plan to do that (and will  try not to think about my dissertation that I am ploughing through ever so slowly).  

Breakfast with my babies
Today my two babies - Sahana and Sabreena (and Sharm of course) came to have breakfast with me at the Hard Drive Cafe at the college.  They liked the diner style of the restaurant.  The breakfast is so huge that we ordered two for the four of us. They ate quite well and I brought them back to my office to see where I work.  Sabreena asked how come I have to work during the summer.  That's a good question.  How come I have to work during the summer?  Well I did the retirement thing and that was utterly mindless so I am back to doing what I like to do so is that working?  If it is, then I'll keeping on doing what I love to do and the bonus is that someone pays me to do it.  Anyway next month, we are taking Izabel and Sahana on an Alaskan Cruise.  I am really looking forward to being with the two girls - sans parents!  I am sure the parents will miss them but it will be a good break for them too.

Will have to tell you what the girls have included so far in their daily schedules.  It's too cute.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I am going to the Guyanese Association's Annual Picnic tomorrow.  It's been going on for many years and they even have a duck curry competition (never participated but I probably should sometime).  On Sunday I may go to the Jazz in the Park concert. Walle Larson another notable jazz musician is supposed to be playing.  I quite like his music. That's my plan.  What's yours?


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