Monday, July 25, 2011

Great day yesterday

We had a great day yesterday with Sabreena at Gimli.  She was such a joy to have and she is so smart!! I am sure every grandparent thinks their grandchild is the smartest but she is really smart! 
The weather was perfect.  We went to visit my friend's cottage in Matlock because I am hoping that we can rent a cottage next summer for a week and this is one possibility (assuming he is willing to rent it).  We walked over to the beach (about two minutes) and spent some time collecting seashells - well the broken but beautifully iridescent pieces.  Then we went off to Gimli where we had fresh pan fried pickerel and a Greek salad for lunch and went off to the beach. 

Sabreena was very excited.  She explained with all the animated expressions of a 3 year old - how she was going to go into the water and first swim on her tummy and then turn over and swim on her back.  Before she did that, I took her for a walk along the boardwalk where there are some cute murals.  She found a few she liked:

Breen with her forest friends

Breen "swimming"

Eating Daisies

Isn't this the most beautiful summer scene?  And to think that within an hour's drive of Winnipeg, you can be here.  This where Sharm and Trent got married so it has a special meaning for all of us. 

Summertime in Gimli
 On the way back from the beach, I asked Sabreena is she had a fun and she said that she had a good, good good day because she loves us and when you love people, you have a good time.  She also told me that a little boy at her daycare loves, loves, loves her.  I asked her how she knew that he loved her and this is what she said:
I just know that he loves me because he tells me that.  And when he is away from me, he thinks about me all the time! And he dreams about me when he is sleeping."  Pretty astute.  Now, you have to remember that this is child who is not quite 4 years old.  Where she gets all that logic is beyond me but that's exactly what she said. 

So that was my day yesterday and I have to say that I woke up this morning still smiling to myself. 

I hope your week is off to a great start.  Mine is.


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