Saturday, July 23, 2011

Having a sleepover - My grand-baby Sabreena!

I am having a special evening this evening and another special day tomorrow.  Sabreena is sleeping over tonight and we'll spend the day at the beach tomorrow. 

She came over about 5pm and was looking a bit sleepy so we went outside and I gave her a small pair of shears and we snipped some Virginia creeps vines that are getting overgrown.  We had a great conversation.  This is how it went - (S is Sabreena (3 going on 30) and N for Nani):
S: Nani I'm really excited.  I looove to do gardening.  It's my favourite thing
N: Okay. Let's go and do some gardening.
S: What are we going to do?  Plant some flowers?
N: No. We're going to cut down some vines.
S: Okay.  Can I use the clippers?
N: You sure can, baby girl .
S: (Cutting the vine while I am holding it) We're doing a lot of cutting. 
N: This is called pruning.
S: Pruning? What's that? Does that mean cutting?
N: Yes.  We're doing lots of pruning.
S: My Daddy does lots of pruning.  He pruned down my apple tree to the ground.
N:  Really?  Are you sad about that?
S: No it had lots of worms and wasps and they bit his hand.
N: Good thing they didn't bite you.
S: Nani,  you know what? I don't like the prune fruit but I like to do pruning.
N:  Nani likes you to help with the pruning too.
S:  This is lots of work for a four year old but I can do it.
(After working along the whole fence, the pruning is done by Sabreena with Nani's help).
S: We did a good job Nani.  I'm starving.  Can we go and have dinner? 
N: Okay baby girl.  Thank you for helping me 
S: I love you Nani, that's why I'm helping.

Sabreena after dinner (watching a movie)
 They are so cute between 3 and 5.  I love spending time with them at this age but she is amazingly clever and very articulate.  I swear her vocabulary is that of an 8 or 9 year old and she'll only be 4 in August.

Tomorrow we're going to Gimli to spend the day at the beach.  When I asked her where we're going tomorrow she said We're going where Mommy and Daddy got married"  (she's right).   The weather is supposed to be perfect so I am looking forward the day with her. 

You're probably wondering why I'm only having her sleep over and not Sahana.  Well, next month we're taking Sahana and Izabel on an Alaskan cruise so I wanted to do something with Sabreena so that she doesn't feel left out.  Hence, the day at the beach tomorrow with her only. 

I am off to see the rest of the Barbie movie that she is watching (and I won't go off on a rant about the subliminal messages about the unattainable body size and unrealistic  expectation of beauty that Barbie represents.)  I'll just try to enjoy a movie with my grandbaby.  When she is older we'll talk about that...

Have a great weekend

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