Thursday, July 14, 2011

Meditation exercises

I did this meditation exercise when I attended the Passion Play in La Riviere, Manitoba.  The guide provided a picture at each of 15 stations along the way and offered questions to think about when walking on the trail.  Here are the pictures of the stations and the questions that go along with each picture of Christ. Like I mentioned previously, you do not have to be a Christian to appreciate this meditation exercise.

The Meditation Guide was prepared by Roger and Belita Sanders c/o the Oak Valley Productions.  They have given me permission to post the content on this blog.  The pictures are as they appeared on the meditaion path but I have taken the liberty of modifying some of the questions for those of you who are not Christian - only because I think we can all benefit from this meditative guide. 

Station 1

Pilate was going to have Jesus flogged then he would release him but the cries of "crucify him, crucify him: were so great that Pilate gave into the crowd's demands and sentenced Jesus to be crucified.

Jesus is condemned to death

  1. Do I often go along with the crowd instead of standing up for what I believe? Perhaps I do this because it is an easy way. 
  2. How often have I believed things that I have heard about others?  Do I feel like I have the right to pass judgement?
  3. How often have I dismissed someone as a loser and unworthy of my care?
  4. What if that person was you God?  Would I have joined the crowd in condemning you?
In the silence of your heart, think of all the ones you have hurt by throwing rocks or insulting words and offer them up to God.


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