Friday, July 22, 2011

Meditation Guide: Station 10

When Jesus finally reached the hill to Calvary, the soldiers took his robe as part of his punishment.  Everything Jesus had would be taken away from him, even his life.  There was nothing left on him to mark him as a man.

  1. Do I let others influence what I do or say?
  2. How about what I wear?
  3. Do I respect my body and the body of others?
  4. Have I been pressured by others to do something against my values?
  5. Does pride clothe me and stop me from acting the way I know I should?
  6. If I was stripped of all my possessions and left with nothing, how would I see myself?
  7. What would people value me for?
Take a moment in the silence of your heart to think of the virtue that you would like to promise to give God and offer it up.


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