Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meditation Guide:  Station 11

It was about 9 in the morning when they crucified him.  The inscription proclaiming his offense said "The King of the Jews."  Roughly, the soldiers held down Jesus and nailed him to the cross.  Jesus said "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they are doing."  Jesus endured his suffering with grace and respect for those who hurled insults and tormented him His love for mankind was deep and he forgave all those who afflicted him. 

Jesus is nailed to the cross
  1. Do I forgive those who hurt me?
  2. Have I nailed shut the door to my heart, to forgive those who have deeply wounded me?
  3. Do I harbour bitterness in my heart?
  4. Does love rule me?
  5. Am I conditional with my forgiveness?
  6. Do I reach out and greedily and want the best for me?
  7. Do I think of the others around me?
Take a moment now in the silence of your heart to think of all those who you have hurt in this way and offer them up to God.


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