Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meditation Guide: Station 6

As Jesus passes, Veronica moved by pity, reaches out of the crowd to gently wipe the blood and sweat off Jesus' face with her veil.  The image of His Holy face imprinted on the cloth.  She took a risk of stepping out to help someone, even though she would be thrown back into the crowd and out of the way.

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
  1. Who are the Veronicas in my life?
  2. Have I thanked them?
  3. How willing am I to risk helping someone else?
  4. If I see someone struggling, do I help him or her?
  5. How can I help those around me?
  6. Will I take a stand to make someone who is different or not well liked feel welcomed and loved?
  7. Am I willing to live the message of love above all?
Take a moment now, in the silence of your heart to think of those that need your compassion and those who have offered you compassion and offer them up to God.


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