Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meditation Guide: Station 8

A large crowd of women had followed Jesus' path.  They were weeping and wailing in traditional mourning for this man.  Jesus takes a moment in his agony to speak to them. On his way, he took the time and thought of others above his own need.  Some women were truly sincere in their grief.

  1. Do I sometimes feel sorry for myself?
  2. Do I put my feelings above others?
  3. Have I reached out beyond my limitations and served someone who did not treat me well?
  4. Have I ever been insincere in my thoughts, words, or actions?
  5. Do I avoid gossip?
  6. Do I forgive those who liberally comment or intrude in my life?
  7. Do I let go of hurts or do I nurse them along?
  8. What are the effects of my actions on those around me?
  9. Do I think of the future generation and pray for goodness and peace?
Take a moment now in the silence of your heart to think of those you meet everyday and offer them up by name to God.


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  1. my dearest cousin,
    Just back home after a couple of days on the road,so i;m just speeding through my emails.etc.but i need to add to #7,Jesus did not fall down due to tiredness but that is the way he pray with his face to the ground, [just another prospective].


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