Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Reviews: Food Politics; Safe Food

Most of you may never have heard of Canadian Dimension magazine but it originated in Winnipeg. It considers itself "an independent forum for Left-wing political thought and discussion — including just about the entire range of what passes for the Left in Canada. A few years ago we adopted the banner “a magazine for people who want to change the world.” (I took this directly from their web page), so I am quite honoured that they accepted my book reviews for publication.
 If you have not read Food Politics, you should put it on your "To Read" list.  I read and reviewed it  Book Review: Food Politics. almost 3 years ago and it was quite an eye opener.  If you have ever had food poisoning or heard about endless food recalls, you should read it

The other book is titled Safe Food. I have also read and reviewed this one  Book Review: Safe Food .  It's a telling tale about food lobbyists and the amount of manipulation that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to nutrition labelling.  I have been a nutrition label reader for almost 40 years so I am glad that food packages these days are more informative than listing thee ingredients in food.  I don't know about you but I would like this extended to restaurant meals as well.  Some restaurants say they list it on their websites but I for one do not read and/or print the nutrition facts prior to going out for dinner  This information would be useful when I am about to order, not several hours before going out.  If it becomes standard practice, then all restaurants will have comply not only the ones who are voluntarily doing it.

With a nation of saltaholics and sugaraholics, we should be paying as much attention to what we eat as to how much we eat and that includes genetically modified foods. 

Canadian Dimension has a lot of other great articles for perusal.  Check it out sometime. 

Here's to healthy foods or better yet,
here's to supporting the slow food movement...

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