Monday, August 29, 2011

The end of my wonderful Alaskan vacation

This is the end of the cruise but mostly it's the end of a fabulous week with Izabel and Sahana.  They had a wonderful time and although I am sure they're glad to see their parents, they really had fun with each other and with us. 

It was a memorable trip and one that I hope they'll remember for years to come.  That's the only thing that really matters in the end - that you have beautiful memories of times spent with loved ones. 

I realize how tired I am though from being extra vigilant for the last week.  I wouldn't have wanted to bring back the children suffering from any accidents so I am sure that I was being more than overly cautious.  

As a final summary of the cruise, it was quite interesting.  As cruises go, on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it as a 7. I have to put the Panama Canal cruise at a 10.  The Northern Caribbean cruise was a 9.  The Southern Caribbean cruise was also a 9.  The Nile River cruise was a 10 but that was a river cruise so it's a cruise but to be compared to a large ship.  I've given this cruise a 7 rating for a few reasons:
  1. We had an inside cabin which I would not do again.  I realize that I like to see daylight.
  2. The weather was a bit too cold for me although for every port we stopped in the weather was very good (13-15C)
  3.  The ports were a bit small (although they had their own unique charm)
The next cruise I'll be blogging about is the Hawaiian cruise with my mom, brother and two sisters in November.  I told Agnes the agent who did the bookings for this cruise as well as the Panama and Hawaiian cruises that she should hire me as a travel blogger. Guess what?  She said I'm hired!!! 

My colleagues at work want to know how I get so much vacation time.  Here is how:  I decide how much vacation time I need and when I need it and then I work the rest of time.  They, on the other hand, let their work determine their vacation time.  That's how I do it. Easy. 

Next destination: Hawaii.  This is the route of the cruise in November. Apparently there is a self-guided bike ride down a volcanic mountain after seeing the sunrise.  I'll have to check it out to see if it's something that I'll want to do while I'm there.  And of course historic sites like Pearl Harbour and whatever else. 

7-Day Hawaii, Round-trip Honolulu

Where would you like to send me Agnes? How about a river cruise in Asia?  Just tell me when and I can be ready at a moment's notice. 


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