Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting ready for our Alaskan cruise

Sunday is almost upon us for the start of our next adventure - our Alaskan cruise.  As I mentioned before, we are taking Izabel and Sahana with us.  We leave very early on Sunday (6:30am)  from Winnipeg and change planes in Edmonton where we pick up Izabel after a 3 hour layover and head for Vancouver. 

We arrive there at 11:15am and will take a taxi to the cruise ship terminal. We should be on board the ship by 12:30pm and then we start our adventure.  I am not sure if I am as excited about the cruise as I am about spending a week with the two girls! 

We depart Vancouver at 4:30pm and sail from that afternoon till Tuesday afternoon when we arrive at Icy Strait Point in Alaska.  We'll be there for about 7 hours.  I'm not sure what we'll do there but there seems to be several interesting things to do.  Then we cruise the next day around the Hubbard Glacier.  Then on Thursday, we go to Juneau, Alaska  where I have booked a whale watching and glacier tour for us.  On Friday, we go to  Ketchikan, Alaska.  I have not yet planned any activities for there yet but I have some ideas.  Everyone that I've spoken to who has taken an Alaskan cruise said that it was quite beautiful. 

I'll be blogging - or at least I'll be writing - but may not be able to post if I don't have internet access.  The cost on board the ship is something like $2 per minute so I won't be using internet until we got to land. 

I'm getting excited but I should think of packing soon.  Looks like rain gear and Fall clothes are in order.

Have a great weekend,

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