Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hubbard Glacier

Today was a cruise day but not just any cruise day. We saw the Hubbard Glacier. It is estimated to have an altitude of about 11,000 feet and the captain said that it was one of the few glaciers that are growing rather than melting.  It is also moving quite a bit. It was quite spectacular to see.  Before arriving, there were lots of ice floes in the water.  If anyone has seen the Red River in Winnipeg in the Spring, you'll appreciate the ice chunks. It looked like an ice breaker had been up stream from us and broken up huge ice jams. 


Hubbard Glacier

Near the glacier

Small iceberg

Skyline near Hubbard

Piece of an iceberg brought onto the ship
By the time we arrived at the glacier, the water was covered in huge ice chunks - mini icebergs really.  The ship got as close as it could but not too close which was a very goo thing.  As we were watching the glacier (you know that expression about time flies like watching an iceberg melt?), a huge chunk of it broke off and fell right into the water making a giant wave enough to move our ship!  It was quite something to see.  The announcer's voice got very high pitched so that the experience was even more heightened. 

What an experience eating lunch and watching a huge glacier rip right off an ice mountain and plummet into the water.  I'm not sure what would have happened if we were any closer but I'm glad we were not. 


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