Friday, August 26, 2011


Today was our day in Ketchikan - also a nice little Alaskan community built into the rocks I think by the looks of the stairs to get to some of the homes. The view from the ship was pretty nice but a close up was much nicer.  We walked around town visiting some of the historical sites but after a couple of hours, even jewelry stores could not tempt me to stay longer because my foot (yes the same one that I have been dealing with for 7 months) was hurting so badly that the thought of walking another few feet was enough to make me stop in my tracks. 

As an aside, I am trying castor oil therapy on the cruise.  The heat and oil seems to be soothing my foot but there is definitely something amiss.  I would love to be able to walk freely without pain, but I'm despairing that I am not going to find a solution for my problem.  Okay enough of that.  Now let's get some pictures of Kethcikan!
City of Ketchikan


Stairway to heaven

Built in the rocks

Enjoying life

Ketchikan harbour
We made it back to the ship, had a great dinner and went off to the theatre for the third night in a row.  Great day. 


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