Saturday, August 20, 2011

My first diamond ring

My uncle Ronald (my Auntie Robbie's husband)  is in New York battling terminal cancer.  I spoke to him last week and he sounded just like he did when I was younger.  I have not seen him since I left Guyana in 1970.  That's a very long time not to see a favourite uncle. 

I was glad that I got a chance to tell him last week about the fond memories I have of him.  This is one of them.  When I was a young girl, Uncle Ronald use to come to our home to visit or we would go to my Nani's home where he and Auntie Robbie rented an apartment.  I remember he had very chunky gold rings and bracelets that looked like they would weigh me down if I ever wore them. 

He was a miner - diving in the rivers of the interior of Guyana looking for gold and diamonds.  He came to our house one day and he told me that he loved me a lot because I was such a pretty girl and so cheerful so the next time he came out of the bush (that's what we called the rainforest area where he used to dive), he would bring me back a diamond.  I was pretty excited but didn't really expect to have a diamond since I was only about 11 or 12 years old. 

True to his word, the next time he came, he had a piece of paper with a diamond wrapped in it.  He gave it to me and gave my mom some gold and told her to make a ring for me.  Mom had the ring made and I wore it to school. showing it off to all my friends.  Of course no one believed that it was a real diamond because no 12 year old would have a real diamond.  I was so proud to say that my uncle gave it to me.  My disbelieving friends told me to prove that my diamond is a real diamond by cutting some glass.  Never passing up on a challenge, I walked over to the newly minted louvered windows of my classroom and carved my initials into the glass with my ring.  Gasping in surprise, my friends were convinced that I really had a diamond ring (since diamond is the only thing that could cut glass or at least that's what we were always told).  I wore my ring proudly for several years. 

One day I looked at the ring and the diamond had fallen out beause it was not mounted properly.  I cried for days.  Mom had an extra gold nugget so she had it put on the top to over the hole.  I still have the ring as a memento of a wonderful uncle.  

I love you Uncle Ronald and I'm glad I had a chance to tell you how much you mean to me - even if I haven't seen you in many years.  

Love doesn't matter in years and dates.  It simply matters.  

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  1. I am now catching up with your blogs,your granddaughter birthday, your comments on ramadhan and my new grandson [love it], caster oil,your Alaskan trip hope you enjoy, know you will.
    And of course we all have memories of uncle Ranold who is always a pleasant person to talk with,never pass you without speaking to you,even when i was eight years old he would play dominoes with me. I pray God's mercy and blessings on him.


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