Monday, August 22, 2011

Cruise day

Today was a cruise day.  We got up about 7am but had ordered room service for 8am.  We decided to cancel it as we were all hungry from going to bed early last night.  We went to the Island Cafe but Sahana wasn't feeling so well and neither were Robin or Izzy.  They all had a mild case of motion sickness but as soon as they had a bit to eat, they were all fine.  We wandered around the ship and the kids decided that they would like to go into the pool so they did that.  It was heated but only by Alaskan ocean standards - meaning that the water was still cold.

Vancouver skyline

Vancouver skyline

Vancouver skyline
It was funny to see Izzy trying to swim for the first time in salt water.  I think it caught her by surprise because she let out quite a few "yuks" and "blahs."  We then went for lunch and did some window shopping in the perfume and jewelry stores.  Like my co-worker says, he's never seen someone who likes shiny things as much as I do - even body glitter.  We didn't buy anything but there were some cute and interesting pieces of jewelry. 

Tonight was formal night so we all got dressed up and went to the formal dining room for dinner.  I told the kids that they had to be on their best fancy restaurant behaviour and were they ever co-operative!  They had their two bread sticks each, a bowl of lobster bisque each, a pan-fried tilapia dinner each. Sahana had a piece of cheesecake and Izzy had creme brulé for dessert.  I was so happy to see them eating so well and I didn't have to badger them to eat at all. 

We went to the Crystal lounge and listened to some entertainment before retiring for the night.  It was a pretty full day and they were tired.  I continued reading my 4th Harry Potter book for a while before tiredness overtook me too.
Getting ready for bed

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