Friday, September 23, 2011

Ronin's funny story

A few days ago, Sunita called me with a funny story - funny for her, not so funny for Ronin.  She's been wanting to sell her 6 seat SUV for some time and has been looking for a replacement vehicle.  Last week she finally found a Nissan Murano.  She took Ronin to pick it up this week.

She said that all the way home he was simply devastated and was crying because he didn't want her to sell the SUV because he liked it.  Two things are going on here: 1) he's not one of those kids who cries for any/everything.  In fact, he hardly ever cries unless he's hurt; 2) he doesn't like change all, preferring to eat the same things for breakfast and have the same routines each day. So the SUV must have been something he liked, for him to be crying so much.

He and Izabel had named the SUV Fiona when they first got it. Anyway, he asked his mom if he could buy back the vehicle when he is older.  His mom said yes he could buy it back when he is older but he'll need to have lots of money.  No sooner did he get home, he ran to his room (his mom thought he was distraught) and came running down the stairs again with all his money - all 7 cents! He wanted her to take him back to the car dealer so he could buy back his vehicle.

Imagine his mom trying to keep a straight face and then having to crush him by telling him that 7 cents wasn't enough to buy his vehicle.  He is still mourning the loss of Fiona and I'm sure that will take some time because he keeps mentioning it periodically.  He's named the new vehicle "Ironman" but "Fiona" is deliberately not a topic for discussion  because it's still a very sensitive topic.  Sunita thought it was interesting that he had a nanny for two full years and when she left last year November, he didn't seem to miss her as much as he now misses "Fiona".   

It's a fabulously warm beginning to Fall so enjoy the Fall Equinox (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere). You have a great weekend.  I will.
One of my many Fall pictures

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