Monday, September 12, 2011

Some more pictures of our Alaska trip

These are very special pictures.  Sahana and Izabel were both keeping journals of their Alaska trip. Sahana's was in the form of a photo journal.  Here are her pictures of her trip.  She is 6 (almost 7) and she did not ask for or get any help either with the drawings or the spelling.  The only whale picture that I will have from the trip is hers.  Here they are:

My alaska trip



The mawnins (mountains)

The lawng (lounge)

The waves

Fun Factory

Piking shels (Picking shells)

This is wate (what) the bedroom lookt (looked) like

The glacier

Porkeepin (porcupine)


Sea lion on the booe (bouy)

The totm pols (totem poles)

Wayel woching (whale watching)

These are fantastic pictures and a pretty good representation of the things we saw and the activities we did.  If you look back on some of the pictures I posted, you'll see the ones I took with my camera. 

Happy Monday to all.

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