Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Giving Thanks for all my blessings

This weekend the weather was perfect so we spent Sunday and Monday cleaning up the yard and getting it ready for winter.  I inherited a leaf blower from Mom so to make a long story very short, I blew up the whole back and front yard.  Well, I was good about it though.  After I finished cleaning up, I used the lawn mover and mulched many piles of leaves and garden waste and put it back in the garden.  We also cleaned up the compost bins and got a few wheelbarrows full of beautiful rich soil.  The bins are now ready for winter since we compost all winter.

My arms are now aching so badly that I swear, I think they'll fall off. I held the leaf blower for a good part of the 4 hours I spent in the backyard on Sunday and then yesterday I used it for another hour or so on the front yard.  Robin reminded me that little things can make me very happy.  In this case, the leaf blower is a bit bigger than little (quite a bit bigger) but it was nice to be able to use it between hard to reach roots of shrubs where I mostly scrape my hands by the time I'm done.

A few weeks ago, I bought myself a rasp to grate things and decided to use it to grate a pound of cheese.  Let me tell you - that was not a good idea, not good at all.  I have a food processor that will do that in about 30 seconds but because I wanted to use the new rasp, I stood there and grated a big block of cheese and that took be almost 15 minutes.  What I ended up with was this fine powdery cheese that was fine but not necessary.  Time waster to use a rasp to grate a block of cheese.  Now I know. I did use it to grate some nutmeg and some orange zest.  Much more practical. 

So after the clean-up ended yesterday at lunch, I came inside, had a shower and started on Thanksgiving dinner.  Sharm and Trent and the kids came over so it was very quiet.  That was a nice change from the bigger groups that I usually have but what was even nicer was that I had time to spend with them before, during and after dinner.  Usually I am running around making sure everyone has enough to eat and drink and then there is the clean-up so this was nice.  I baked a large (7lb) chicken, and make wholewheat rolls, broccoli and cheese sauce, roasted peppers, onions, carrots and cauliflower, and cranberry sauce.  Sharm made roasted garlic mashed potatoes and a salad.  And we had pumpkin pie (bought from the Culinary program at the college) for dessert.  Sub sorry you missed another good Thanksgiving dinner.  Maybe next year you can come home for T/G.  We'll do a big Christmas dinner when we go to Florida at Christmas so you have that to look forward to.

That was my weekend. Actually we did go out on Saturday evening to a dinner and dance.  The West Indian Indo-Caribbean Association of Manitoba celebrated their 10 year anniversary on Saturday.  It's a group in Winnipeg comprised of several organizations who promote the Indian culture of the Caribbean.  I was one of the original board of Directors when it was established in 2001.  They do really good work of reminding us of where we came from and it's also a good way for our children - many of them born in Canada - to learn about their heritage. 

A weekend of really giving thanks for friends and family.  Now if I could just get one of them to volunteer to massage my two arms!  They are now feeling so weak from overwork, that I dropped a bottle of peppers on the kitchen floor (ceramic) and it shattered into 1000 pieces.  Then I pounded my finger between two stones and injured my nail bed and will probably lose the nail. I think I need to work on upper body strength - just not all at one time!  I have to get familiar with the word moderation (Brent I can almost hear you laughing).


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