Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oahu: Last day on the island; homeward bound

We started the day in Honolulu with another beautiful sunrise and the skyline acting as a very nice silhouette.

Honolulu skyline at sunrise
We intended spending our last day on the island going to the beach at Kailua but when we got there, it was so cold and windy, that we decided to go to Waikiki instead because if it was cold and windy there too, we could at least go shopping.

On Friday night while we were in the Teppanyaki restaurant, we met a couple who live on Oahu and they were on their honeymoon so we asked what there was to do on the island besides the things we already did. The woman (who evidently loved to eat) told us that we had to go to Kailua and on the way there, we had to stop in to a hole in the wall restaurant called Cinnamon’s. She also said that on the way there we should stop at Pali Lookout because the view of the bay from the top of the hill is pretty amazing. Well we went to Pali Lookout and the view was indeed amazing but the wind was gale force and it was extremely cold! We were whipped around for the few minutes we spent and then were literally blown back to the car, trying not to topple over from the wind’s force.

Nu'Uanu Pali Lookout

Nu'Uanu Pali Lookout
We then drove to Kailua and found Cinnamon’s. Our GPS sure worked for us on this trip. I don’t usually trust a GPS, preferring instead to use Mapquest but that doesn’t work if you don’t have internet and cannot print directions. Karran did most of the driving except for one day when I did and I did the navigating and that got us where we needed to go – finding gas stations, restaurants, shopping, and mostly navigating our rental car returns. As one shuttle driver said, a GPS will tell you where to go but it doesn’t always tell you how high you are (as in over and underpasses). Anyway, we found Cinnamon’s and after looking at the extra huge serving sizes, we ordered two meals for 4 of us and a tea biscuit for Mom who wasn’t feeling well. We were told that the red velvet pancakes with white chocolate syrup was excellent but we all agreed that it tasted too much like boxed cake mix to be enjoyable. We also ordered four cinnamon buns and they were okay too but I’ve had better cinnamon buns in Winnipeg.

We went to the beach at Kailua and that was also cold so we headed for Waikiki. It started to drizzle when we got there so we parked and walked around the International Marketplace which sells a lot of inexpensive souvenirs. I found a couple of costume jewellery and went back to the car. We then went to Ruth’s Chris for dinner. It is one incredibly expensive restaurant but the food was good and the best part of the experience, is that they serve the food on plates that are heated to 500F so your food stays hot (scorching on the tongue at the beginning ) for pretty close to the entire meal. It was funny when the server warned us that the plates were hot and we were not to attempt to lick them. As if! We then headed off to return the rental car and go to the airport.

We are now at the airport awaiting our 11:30pm flight.  It's been a long day so far and it's going to be longer by the time we get home.



  1. The long white 'cloud' across the sky is a CHEM TRAIL.
    Mostly aluminum, it is poisoning our planet.

  2. Thanks for that information, Anonymous. Didn't know that. I thought it was a trail of exhaust from a passing plane.


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