Saturday, December 31, 2011

Almost the end of the year

We have been in Orlando for almost a week and the weather has been amazing - sunny and hot during the day and cool and comfortable at nights.

We left Winnipeg on Christmas morning. That's not the way we usually spend Christmas but with Dad not here with us this year, it isn't Christmas as usual. We arrived in Orlando without incident and got to the house we rented. It has 6 bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms and a pool in the backyard that we paid to get heated but it's not very warm. However, the house is in a gated community with a club house that has a pool and a hot tub so the kids have been going there every day for a nice swim. There is a tennis court in the backyard just outside of our pool area and Sunita and Mike are now playing tennis.

Yesterday Robin, Subhadra and I went to Universal Studios. She really wanted to see the Harry Potter park but there were incredibly long lines everywhere in US. There was a 2 hour line in the standby area to get into the Harry Potter area and then a 3 hour wait to get into the Harry Potter ride. If I did not love Subhadra as much as I do, I would have left the park at 12pm. We left home at 10:30am and did not get back till 10:30pm. It was a very long day of standing and waiting - sometimes for hours - for a roller coaster ride that lasted about 90 seconds. Subhadra loved all of the Harry Potter stuff. I read the books and knew what the stores were all about but I did not love it enough to have spent that much time waiting. My feet are tired today but I'll probably go out for a walk a bit later.

This afternoon we are going over to Eddie's place for dinner. Hashina and Hamo are doing the majority of the cooking so we'll take some garlic shrimp, a salad and some cheesecake for dessert - enough for about 30 of us! I may pick up Ganesh (my cousin on my dad's side of the family) who is in a rehab centre because he had a stroke and is on dialysis. I have not met anyone so amazingly inspirational in a long time. He reminded me though that we are both from the same stock of strong people. I am so proud of him. He got the stroke last year June and the doctors gave him up for dead but he is now walking and is so positive about his life, that I can't help admiring him for not giving up.

I'm off to the store to do some shopping and maybe the flea market to see what's there. Then it's off to the store to do some shopping before going to Eddie's. To everyone who's been reading the blog, Thank you for being supportive - especially in the last year when your love and support meant so much. I am grateful to have you in my life and I look forward to a great 2012 with you. This is for you: I LOVE YOU!! I don't say that enough but please don't think that it's the number of times it has to be said. It's the depth of feeling that I feel for each of you that matters so if I don't call or write as often as I intend to, you'll understand. Enjoy the rest of this year and make sure that you have your new year's resolution ready for tomorrow. Trent, Sharm and I will do our 5k resolution walk/run tomorrow.

Last year Sharm and I did the Running Room Resolution walk on Jan 1. I DO NOT walk outside in the winter and I don't know how Sharm talked me into it but it was -30C when we walked and I was quite proud of myself for finishing it. Trent and I signed up for the Disney marathon on January 7 but when I injured my foot in the summer, I was unable to train for the marathon so Trent is doing it by himself. I did a 5fast k walk two days ago and except for some muscle soreness and a bit of pinching on my foot, I am satisfied that my foot may finally be healing.   


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