Saturday, July 23, 2011

Having a sleepover - My grand-baby Sabreena!

I am having a special evening this evening and another special day tomorrow.  Sabreena is sleeping over tonight and we'll spend the day at the beach tomorrow. 

She came over about 5pm and was looking a bit sleepy so we went outside and I gave her a small pair of shears and we snipped some Virginia creeps vines that are getting overgrown.  We had a great conversation.  This is how it went - (S is Sabreena (3 going on 30) and N for Nani):
S: Nani I'm really excited.  I looove to do gardening.  It's my favourite thing
N: Okay. Let's go and do some gardening.
S: What are we going to do?  Plant some flowers?
N: No. We're going to cut down some vines.
S: Okay.  Can I use the clippers?
N: You sure can, baby girl .
S: (Cutting the vine while I am holding it) We're doing a lot of cutting. 
N: This is called pruning.
S: Pruning? What's that? Does that mean cutting?
N: Yes.  We're doing lots of pruning.
S: My Daddy does lots of pruning.  He pruned down my apple tree to the ground.
N:  Really?  Are you sad about that?
S: No it had lots of worms and wasps and they bit his hand.
N: Good thing they didn't bite you.
S: Nani,  you know what? I don't like the prune fruit but I like to do pruning.
N:  Nani likes you to help with the pruning too.
S:  This is lots of work for a four year old but I can do it.
(After working along the whole fence, the pruning is done by Sabreena with Nani's help).
S: We did a good job Nani.  I'm starving.  Can we go and have dinner? 
N: Okay baby girl.  Thank you for helping me 
S: I love you Nani, that's why I'm helping.

Sabreena after dinner (watching a movie)
 They are so cute between 3 and 5.  I love spending time with them at this age but she is amazingly clever and very articulate.  I swear her vocabulary is that of an 8 or 9 year old and she'll only be 4 in August.

Tomorrow we're going to Gimli to spend the day at the beach.  When I asked her where we're going tomorrow she said We're going where Mommy and Daddy got married"  (she's right).   The weather is supposed to be perfect so I am looking forward the day with her. 

You're probably wondering why I'm only having her sleep over and not Sahana.  Well, next month we're taking Sahana and Izabel on an Alaskan cruise so I wanted to do something with Sabreena so that she doesn't feel left out.  Hence, the day at the beach tomorrow with her only. 

I am off to see the rest of the Barbie movie that she is watching (and I won't go off on a rant about the subliminal messages about the unattainable body size and unrealistic  expectation of beauty that Barbie represents.)  I'll just try to enjoy a movie with my grandbaby.  When she is older we'll talk about that...

Have a great weekend
Meditation Guide:  Station 11

It was about 9 in the morning when they crucified him.  The inscription proclaiming his offense said "The King of the Jews."  Roughly, the soldiers held down Jesus and nailed him to the cross.  Jesus said "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they are doing."  Jesus endured his suffering with grace and respect for those who hurled insults and tormented him His love for mankind was deep and he forgave all those who afflicted him. 

Jesus is nailed to the cross
  1. Do I forgive those who hurt me?
  2. Have I nailed shut the door to my heart, to forgive those who have deeply wounded me?
  3. Do I harbour bitterness in my heart?
  4. Does love rule me?
  5. Am I conditional with my forgiveness?
  6. Do I reach out and greedily and want the best for me?
  7. Do I think of the others around me?
Take a moment now in the silence of your heart to think of all those who you have hurt in this way and offer them up to God.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Meditation Guide: Station 10

When Jesus finally reached the hill to Calvary, the soldiers took his robe as part of his punishment.  Everything Jesus had would be taken away from him, even his life.  There was nothing left on him to mark him as a man.

  1. Do I let others influence what I do or say?
  2. How about what I wear?
  3. Do I respect my body and the body of others?
  4. Have I been pressured by others to do something against my values?
  5. Does pride clothe me and stop me from acting the way I know I should?
  6. If I was stripped of all my possessions and left with nothing, how would I see myself?
  7. What would people value me for?
Take a moment in the silence of your heart to think of the virtue that you would like to promise to give God and offer it up.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meditation Guide: Station 9

Nothing to eat or drink since the night before, the scourging, the mockery, they have all taken a physical toll.  Jesus falls to the dust once again, amidst the noise of Jerusalem crowds heckling ans weeping.  This is too much. How much more will he have to endure? He has become a spectacle just as the crucifixions are meant to be. He struggles to his feet once more. Their laughter is cruel.  How can they laugh? Can't they see he is trying? Don't they feel pity?

  1. Do I see others struggle and do nothing? 
  2.  How often have I hurt you with my failures?
  3. Have I been ashamed to admit to others who do not believe in God that I do?
  4. Have I defended my beliefs when others put them down?
  5. Do I just go with the flow just to fit in?
Take a moment now in the silence of your heart to think of all those you have hurt in this way and offer them to God.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meditation Guide: Station 8

A large crowd of women had followed Jesus' path.  They were weeping and wailing in traditional mourning for this man.  Jesus takes a moment in his agony to speak to them. On his way, he took the time and thought of others above his own need.  Some women were truly sincere in their grief.

  1. Do I sometimes feel sorry for myself?
  2. Do I put my feelings above others?
  3. Have I reached out beyond my limitations and served someone who did not treat me well?
  4. Have I ever been insincere in my thoughts, words, or actions?
  5. Do I avoid gossip?
  6. Do I forgive those who liberally comment or intrude in my life?
  7. Do I let go of hurts or do I nurse them along?
  8. What are the effects of my actions on those around me?
  9. Do I think of the future generation and pray for goodness and peace?
Take a moment now in the silence of your heart to think of those you meet everyday and offer them up by name to God.

Meditation Guide: Station 7

Jesus falls again.  He lies with his face on the ground.  He is tired and weak but he finds the  inner strength to go on.

Jesus falls for the second time
  1. How many times have I struggled and fallen again and again?
  2. Do I get overwhelmed with my duties?
    How do I react to them?
  3. Do I accept my crosses in life with patience?
  4. What am I struggling with in my life that wears me out, hurts me and wants to make me give up?
Take a moment in the silence of your heart to think of all those around you that have fallen and become discouraged with God.  Perhaps this has happened to you.  Offer these people or times in your life to God.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meditation Guide: Station 6

As Jesus passes, Veronica moved by pity, reaches out of the crowd to gently wipe the blood and sweat off Jesus' face with her veil.  The image of His Holy face imprinted on the cloth.  She took a risk of stepping out to help someone, even though she would be thrown back into the crowd and out of the way.

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
  1. Who are the Veronicas in my life?
  2. Have I thanked them?
  3. How willing am I to risk helping someone else?
  4. If I see someone struggling, do I help him or her?
  5. How can I help those around me?
  6. Will I take a stand to make someone who is different or not well liked feel welcomed and loved?
  7. Am I willing to live the message of love above all?
Take a moment now, in the silence of your heart to think of those that need your compassion and those who have offered you compassion and offer them up to God.

Meditation Guide:  Station 5

Jesus is faltering under his load.  The soldiers fearing that He might die along the way, seize Simon of Cyrene to help him carry his cross. He stopped along the way and noticed that there was a commotion through the streets.  He approached to have a closer look to see what was happening, when a soldier grabbed him and forced him to take hold of Jesus' cross.

Simon helps Jesus carry the Cross
  1. How willing am I to let others help me?
  2. Do I see needing help as a sign of weakness?
  3. Am I willing to accept help from those who are older than me?
  4. Do I allow God to interrupt my day, to do his work, even if it's out of my comfort zone?
  5. Do I serve humbly and from the heart and not for praise?
  6. Have I gone out of my way to help others?
  7. How can I be like Simon to those around me?
  8. Where do I see a need or someone I need to help?
Take a moment in the silence of your heart to think of all those who need your help in some way and offer them up to God.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meditation Guide: Station 4

Stunned and numb, Mary watches Jesus sway and stagger under the weight of the cross. She makes eye contact with her son and sees his agony. Her love for Him is only surpassed by His love and concern for her.  Jesus saw his mother and the disciple standing by, whom he had loved.  He said to his mother "Woman behold your son."  And then he said to the disciple "Behold your mother" and from that hour, the disciple took her into her home. Jesus loved his mother so much that he took the time during his suffering - with one of his last breaths - to make sure that she was going to be taken care of.  It must have been painful for Mary to see him suffer.

Jesus meets his mother

  1. Do I value those around me who love me - my parents, my family, my friends?                  
  2. Do I realize how much love it takes to care for someone?
  3. Am I impatient with them sometimes?
  4. When was the last time that I showed them gratitude for their love for me?
  5. Do I visit those who are suffering and need my support?
Take a moment now in the silence of your heart to think of all those who have lead you on your path of life with guidance, support and discipline and offer them to God.