Friday, December 02, 2011


Whew!  Now that I have gotten through a long week of several 14 hour work days, I finally pause and reflect on my 10-day Hawaiian vacation. Yesterday I was almost feeling like it was a distant memory but today I looked at some pictures and they brought back the memories.

In all my writing, I was remiss in thanking Mom for taking her children on an all expense-paid vacation to Hawaii for 10 whole days. So Mom, THANK YOU for such a lovely gift.  I think we all felt that it was worth the time spent together to get to reacquaint ourselves with each other.

I have a busy weekend but busy in a good way.  Tomorrow is the Santa Breakfast at the college.  We have been doing this with Sahana and Sabreena for the last 3 years so I am looking forward to sitting on Santa's knee and telling him that I have been mostly good this year so perhaps he can overlook the bad. Santa is a good guy so he may do that. I'll have to think of what I want for Christmas. I think I mentioned in a very early post that I got a Christmas gift last year from Sharm, Sunita, Subhadra and Sophie that was so thoughtful.  It was a credit to an organization called KIVA that offers interest-free micro loans to people in need. I've already made 8 loans and one is completely paid back. Most of the loans are as little as $25. Maybe that's what I'll ask for as a Christmas present.

In the late afternoon, the kids will be back to sleep over for the evening. I am sure that Hana will want dhall and roti for dinner and most likely breakfast on Sunday and Sabreena will want dhall and rice and spinach with shrimp.  She gets such a huge grin on her face when she asks for that and eats such a hearty meal.  I love that they eat so well.

I hope that your weekend is going to be as good as mine. Have a great weekend everyone.  I will.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

End of my Hawaiian family bonding vacation; Home again

As with all good things, they must come to an end. Our flight left Honolulu last night at 11:30pm so it was a very long day since we were up since 6:15am. As soon as I was seated, I think I fell asleep because I don’t remember hearing the safety announcements prior to departure. The flight was uneventful - which is the only way ti should be when you are in a plane, 40,000 feet in the air.
We got through Canadian Immigration in Vancouver without incident. We kissed Bena goodbye and headed to our departure gate. Her flight was leaving at 9am, same as ours. We are now in the plane heading back to Winnipeg where it’s cold. Everyone is probably glued to their TV since it’s Grey Cup weekend and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are playing Vancouver (I think).  I hope they win.  They have been so close a few times in the last few years.
This is the end of our family Hawaiian vacation and although I am sad that it’s ending, I am also glad to get back home so I can get ready for my Florida vacation in a month. Considering that the five of us spent almost 24/7 with each other for the last 10 days in very confined spaces (ship and mini-van), we had very few incidents with each other.  There was the occasional moodiness from some of us, but overall, it was a good time to connect with my siblings. Would I do it again?  Most likely if the opportunity presents itself, but I doubt that some spouses will agreeable.  The time spent together with my siblings was worth it because if the spouses were there, I don't think it would have been the same.  We'd each go off on our own and not do things together.  Additionally, a much larger group would have been harder to plan for. So overall, I think it was a good 10 days. 
Tomorrow it's back to work and what a busy work week it's shaping up to be  I have 4 very long days ahead and then a busy weekend next weekend.  We are taking Sahana and Sabreena for a Santa breakfast next Saturday and then they are sleeping over that evening. I'm sure I'll have my meal request from both of them.
Then I'll have to spend some time planning my Florida vacation in a month.