Friday, February 03, 2012

Tell me this isn't beautiful

For the last two days, Winnipeg has been covered in a think blanket of fog - sometimes so dense that I can hardly see a few feet in front of me. That's what I woke up to on my birthday and it stayed all day and into yesterday and today. We get hoar frost every winter but it barely lasts a few hours. This one has stayed around and to me, the whole city looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. Every tree is stunning and it seems like the more gnarly and ugly it usually looks, the more beautiful it looks covered in frost.

The beauty is not the fog perse, but the fluffy hoar frost that has clung to every tree and shrub making me feel like I am living in a perfect winter postcard. Here are some of the images that I took today after I came home from work. The area close to the lake near my home is amazingly beautiful. When I took the pictures, I could hardly decide which tree or branch to photograph because it all looked so exquisite. While I was out there, another woman was in the park doing the same thing I was doing and we were laughing like kids in a candy store.

For those of you who don't experience winter and mock us in Winnipeg for having to endure the cold weather, this is worth some cold February days - although none of us can complain about the unusually warm winter this year. I think this is the 3rd warmest on record.  

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