Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break with my grandbabies

Sharm and Trent are in Mexico soaking up some sun and surf and I get the spend 8 days with Hana and Breen. And Sunita is here with Izzy and Ronin for a week too so that makes for a full house. There are 4 young ones - 8, 7, 4 and 4 so it makes for a very busy week. The kids spend time with me in the summer gardening so they got a head start this week and while I am not into child labour, give the kids a trowel and some small garden tools and they can make themselves pretty happy.

I see parents going crazy for all the latest electronic devices such as the iPad, the DS, educational software for their kids and what is really missing from their little lives is the ability to make their own play and fun while discovering nature. Just digging in the soil and finding bugs and earthworms is such a joy. Here is what I mean:

The three girls were playing outside and Ronin went out with his mom so he didn't get to play with them. He fell alseep on the way home so Sunita brought him into the house in her arms and put him on the sofa. You know how when you see a little child sleeping, how it makes you think of an angel? Well here is one:

Is that not a perfect face?  It is! And I am not just saying that because he is my grandson. His face really is perfect. When he was born, I recall looking at his hair which was full and thick on his head and he had the most perfect hairline that I have ever seen on anyone. My opinion comes from being a professional hairstylist and having to scout out many hair models for hair competitions for my students for many years. His lips are a perfect shape and so are his eyebrows and his little nose. And when he smiles at you, you'd absolutely melt. So that was my week with my little angels but I have to say I totally understand why we have kids when we are young. It was an utterly exhausting week by the time it was over.  


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